I Answer Quora Questions: Q & A pt.3

Welcome back to my blog, my lovelies! It’s time for another installment of my favorite series, in which I provide random answers to random topics. Disclaimer I want to make it clear that I’ll be sharing my opinion, and that everyone has one. Many of you have chosen this as your favorite. I enjoy writing posts of this nature. I get to share my viewpoint on these issues because my opinions are founded on my experience with these circumstances, as you can see.

Please take my opinion with a grain of salt and share your thoughts in the comment section. For more articles like these, be sure to follow my blog! Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with me.

The Questions

Why do I constantly have to pull my jeans up?

Your question was answered by someone who was a little too direct. There could be a number of causes why your jeans don’t fit. Belts do help, but they are not always an option, particularly with women’s attire. If Express pants stretch by 15% and your waist is less than other regions of your body, you should size down. When looking for jeans, knowing your size is essential. Hope this was useful.

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Does vulgarity lie in the clothes we wear or the way we think?

Unfortunately, the sexualization of a woman’s body is very prevalent in our culture. As you can see, men are free to wear tops without shirts whereas women are required to cover up. Her breasts were regarded as a method of feeding a child when our bodies were first observed differently. But that is no longer the case. For many who have argued that the beauty criterion is flawed, body image is extremely significant.

Unfortunately, some people lack open minds and will consider your clothing to be vulgar. While some with wider perspectives simply see it as a means of your expressing yourself. Take that however you choose. I advise wearing whatever you like because conversations will inevitably arise. Just be cautious because some people might think you’re their target when he’s dressed up and away. Hope this was helpful.

What does the victim of a narcissist look like?

To be honest, outcomes could differ. While I was trying to smile and appear beautiful, the tension on my body caused an ulcer. The narcissist encounter was the most influential in both positive and negative ways on my life. Positive because I applied what I learned to improve my life, but there are far too many drawbacks to balance that out. A narcissist’s victim may appear to be happy and enthusiastic but be vulnerable when no one is looking. Or, they might be easily upset in public and anything could set them off. Victims don’t have a distinctive appearance.

Women don’t generally protect and provide for men, so how is marriage security for men?

The End

I think these are great conversation starters when getting to know someone. I, therefore, encourage you to bring up this topic in conversation, whether you’re dating someone or just hanging out with pals. Please share your thoughts with me.

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