The Evil Eye

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Hey loves and Welcome Back to Joi’s Journey of Perception Have you ever been taken aback by someone who you thought was your friend? Like the ending of the friendship caught you by surprise? I’ve had that happen by people who I thought were genuinely my friend. I was watching a TikTok and it brought … Read moreThe Evil Eye


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Hey loves and welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception!! It is not widely known that a particular color represents your emotional state. That is especially true in the fashion world. So I wanted to talk a little bit about colors and how they impact psychology in fashion if that makes sense. You could say … Read moreTHE IMPACT OF COLOR PSYCHOLOGY IN FASHION

All Problems are Illusions of the Mind

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How often do you guys think about his making a problem worse than it originally was? Overthinking a situation that didn’t require any thought. According to the chapter I read for this book, problems are often created out of illusions. And instead of focusing on the now, we are focusing on what we made up, … Read moreAll Problems are Illusions of the Mind

My Fashion Color Palette

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Hey Loves! Long time no talk! IWelcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. I painted the picture, and in the colors the rhythm of the music quivers. I painted the colors I saw. Read more: Time Slipping Away Please accept my apologies for my long absence. I was celebrating my birthday with the people closest … Read moreMy Fashion Color Palette

It’s My Birthday!!! So Here’s What I’ve Learned in My 27 years

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Hey Loves and Welcome Back to Joi’s Journey of Perception! Yes, you read that title right! Having just celebrated my 27th birthday, I am eager to see what this new chapter holds! What I usually do is compile a list of things I have learned through the years, and that is exactly what you are … Read moreIt’s My Birthday!!! So Here’s What I’ve Learned in My 27 years

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My Birthday Workout

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They say you lose your memory as you grow older. I say forget about the past and live life to the fullest today. Start with cake. Happy birthday. Hey Loves and Welcome Back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. Today was all about mentally preparing for tomorrow. Therefore, I decided to go workout as any weirdo … Read moreMy Birthday Workout

Shop for my 27th Birthday Dress with Me

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Hey loves and welcome back to Joi‘s Journey of Perception! Whenever you like a piece of clothing, do you always feel that you have to try it on? Well, that was me this weekend trying to find the perfect birthday dress! Ultimately, I came to a conclusion, but I would like to take you along … Read moreShop for my 27th Birthday Dress with Me

Birthday Party Ideas

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HEY LOVES AND WELCOME BACK TO JOI’S JOURNEY OF PERCEPTION! Being that my birthday is coming up, I wanted to do a few days to commemorate the day. I know Birthdays are just a normal day for most people, but I think that everyone should celebrate their life. Life is so short and precious and … Read moreBirthday Party Ideas

My Favorite Outfits Thus Far 2021

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Express yourself

Hey Loves and Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception!

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assorted apparel and accessories for dress sewing in tailor atelier
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My Love of Fashion

To those who are new, what you should know, is that I love everything to do with fashion. I love how everyone has their own styles, that express who they are as a person. Subscribing below will keep you updated on my fashion journey. 

This Year

Although we are slowly moving forward from this pandemic, I still enjoyed dressing up. In this post, I wanted to take a look at some looks thus far. Let’s Get Started.


January happens to be my birthday month. Now, since that is one of the coldest months of the year, I do still like to go all out. I had on a black turtleneck crop top with striped slacks. I then wore black booties.


The Second biggest red themed month. I decided to treat myself this month. You know, date myself. Here we are. In this picture I had on a simple red dress. I think I wanted my makeup to do the talking. As you can tell, I put red eyeshadow on my brows. I loved it and that’s all that matters.


I love two pieces because the outfit is easy to put together from that. Can we say Spring?


Here we are with another outfit that I would have never thought to wear. I had a guy friend put it together and tell me to give it a try. This would fall in the Whimsical category. Love this two piece floral set.


April Showers bring May flowers. Where I stay, it takes a bit for the weather to change. So, I paired an oversized black denim jacket, with a white two piece. Inspiration coming from Selena.


It was my best friends birthday and we had to step out. I decided to do a color I rarely wear. I’m not a huge fan of Orange. This satin one piece sufficed. You can find it at Akira.


What a surprise. Another two piece. Put in theme with the party I went to. It was Island theme. The material wasn’t too heavy. I love the snake skin pattern. What made the outfit stand out was the accessories. The belly chain, anklet, and necklace did me justice.


Take a big guess what this outfit is lol. A TWO PIECE. All black per usual. I love the color black and feel everyone looks good in it. EVERYONE! The mesh heels pulled this look together, along with the beret.


I decided to visit a garden before meeting up with friends for a festival. I paired a basic pair of jeans with a solid white button down and jean corset. Simple but cute.

I love fashion

When it comes to clothes, this is the way I express myself and I have my mom to thank. If you enjoyed reading. Definitely subscribe for more posts like this.

Read moreMy Favorite Outfits Thus Far 2021

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