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We all Have struggled in some way with our self-esteem. Whether it was said out loud or dealt with in private. We all would have wanted something to make our feelings feel valid.  Well, I have the Ebook for you. And guess what? It’s Free. If you are subscribed. 

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Heather Smith

New Subscriber

The Begining

You inspire me a lot and have been a huge help to me. I’ve been motivated to accept myself for who I am just by meeting you. My insecurities had been hanging on my heart for a very long time. And it means so much to just have you affirm who I am.

After the program

I know if anyone doesn’t like me, I like me so much. I love me. Thanks girl!

woman wearing black elbow sleeved shirt and backpack

Marissa Turner

former classmate


I felt uneasy in my own skin. Let’s face it, I hated myself. I was only able to concentrate on how useless I felt.

Complete Change

You reminded me that we all have a journey and that we’re stuck with one person for our entire life. Why would we hate that person?

close up photo of woman

Lucy Hart

Long term reader

At the start

I felt my self-worth was determined by what I gave others. Despite what I was going through, I felt that I had to overextend myself.

How I feel now

I was constantly hard on myself because I was spending my time putting everyone first. But I learned that I can’t help others, if I am not 100% comfortable with myself first.

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