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It is not widely known that a particular color represents your emotional state. That is especially true in the fashion world. So I wanted to talk a little bit about colors and how they impact psychology in fashion if that makes sense. You could say that this is a fashion and psychology post rolled into one. Let’s step up your closet game and add some color that will do the talking for you.

Color Psychology

According to the website “color psychology“, the definition of color psychology is:

Color psychology is the study of how certain colors impact human behavior. Different colors have different meanings, connotations, and psychological effects that vary across different cultures. Along with cultural differences, color psychology is largely impacted by personal preference.

Set the Scene

I would like to suggest that we think about this! Since elementary school, you’ve had an obsession with this guy. Now he plans to take you out on a dinner date. You want to play with colors that show your interest and flirtatious side, but don’t open up too early. Now, what color should you choose? There are different colors that represent things, and I’m just going to list some below. We should all think about which colors we should wear. 


What does red represent?

One point the author made in the article is that the hue of color affects your emotions differently. For example, a red hue will impact someone’s emotions differently than a coral. For example, intense shades of red are well suited to convey anger. It also can represent love and passion as well. If you’re trying to seduce a man, this is probably one of the best colors to wear. For some reason, it raises your heart rate and blood pressure as well. This is why I think it’s a prominent color for anything involving the heart.


What does blue represent?

The blue represents a sort of calmness. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when people think of the color blue is the ocean or the sky. Both happen to be different shades depending on the day. Sometimes they come in sad but when it comes to fashion I don’t necessarily think that is true most of the time. You can think of blue as the opposite of red. While red is intensive hot blue is serene and cold.


What does yellow represent?

Yellow is the color of happiness and you are guaranteed to gather attention if you walk into the room with a yellow outfit. It represents a lot of energy and joy. It is also been said that yellow represents loyalty which I could see.


What does yellow represent?

Green gives off a “one with nature” vibe. This color also represents peace.

There are far more!!

a white wooden closet of a woman
Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels.com

There are far more colors to speak about,but when it comes to this scenario, you most likely chose th color red.

I’m thinking about making this a series, just because there’s so many colors that can explain exactly how someone is feeling. So let me know the below what color you chose for the scenario that I gave! Be sure to like, comment, share, and follow for more fashion post and other goodies! See you in the next post😘

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