And the Fall Contest Winner is…

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And the Fall contest winner is… Congratulations to Sophreads, winner of my 2022 Fall contest! Thank you for the love and support you have given to Joi’s Journey of Perception. Announcing the winner of our 2018 fall DIY contest! The winner of my 2022 Fall contest is… Sophreads Congratulations! Your engagement has won you a … Read moreAnd the Fall Contest Winner is…

Walking Away from Someone you Still Love

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Having to walk away from someone you love It’s important to remember what it’s like to be in a healthy relationship. Were you able to let go of hurt feelings and forgive? When you forgive someone, it’s not just about closing the door on the past. It’s also about accepting that person as they are … Read moreWalking Away from Someone you Still Love

Mommy Issues vs Daddy Issues

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Let’s talk about mommy issues vs daddy issues The term “daddy issues” has been used to describe men who have difficulty with their children. It’s a bit outdated, but it still makes sense in some cases. What exactly is daddy issue and how can you know if your partner has them? Let’s find out! Mommy … Read moreMommy Issues vs Daddy Issues

Let’s Talk about Respond vs. React

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Let’s talk about Respond vs react Introduction Imagine you’re at a party and someone says something offensive to you. You could react by getting angry and yelling at them, or you could respond in a calm and assertive manner by calmly bringing up the issue without being rude or hostile. An example of reacting would … Read moreLet’s Talk about Respond vs. React

4 Different Ways to Wear Sweatpants

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4 ways to wear sweatpants Sweatpants are the ultimate lazy fashion statement. They’re comfortable, they don’t care what anyone else thinks, and they’re so versatile that you can wear them in any situation. Sweatpants also offer a lot of room for personal expression. They are as easy to pair with a blazer as they are … Read more4 Different Ways to Wear Sweatpants

3 More Days for you to Enter my Fall Contest

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Fall Contest This contest is now in its final days, so enter now if you haven’t already! You can enter by leaving a comment here or on social media – or other ways will be listed in the post below! If you have any questions about the contest, please feel free to leave a comment, … Read more3 More Days for you to Enter my Fall Contest

How to Make Friends in Your Twenties

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How to make friends in your twenties It’s not easy to make friends in your twenties. You’re busy, you’ve got things to do, and you don’t have the time or energy for meaningless obligations. When it comes down to it though, making friends is one of the most rewarding experiences out there. It can be … Read moreHow to Make Friends in Your Twenties

You grieve what could’ve been (situationships)

Let me set the scene 🎬 Below you will read a question that was sent into me for advice. I got permission to speak on this anonymously: “ I went on a date with someone and we were both having fun. After the date, we text each other and it felt like things were getting … Read moreYou grieve what could’ve been (situationships)

A Lot of Women get Blamed for Situations Men Manipulated them into

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A lot of women get blamed for situations men manipulated them into The first time I was manipulated by a toxic person, I felt guilty. For months, I blamed myself for the situation and didn’t understand why it had happened. But as time went on and more lies were revealed, it became clear that this … Read moreA Lot of Women get Blamed for Situations Men Manipulated them into

Let’s Talk about Habitual Cheaters

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Introduction to Habitual Cheaters Cheating has been a hot topic lately, but it’s not something that is new. Humans have been cheating on each other for centuries, maybe even millennia. But why do we cheat? And what makes someone more likely to cheat in the first place? There are two types of cheaters Let’s get … Read moreLet’s Talk about Habitual Cheaters

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