Let’s Talk about Habitual Cheaters

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Introduction to Habitual Cheaters Cheating has been a hot topic lately, but it’s not something that is new. Humans have been cheating on each other for centuries, maybe even millennia. But why do we cheat? And what makes someone more likely to cheat in the first place? There are two types of cheaters Let’s get … Read moreLet’s Talk about Habitual Cheaters

The term “homewrecker” is Insane

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Introduction In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie starred in a reality show called The Simple Life. The show wasn’t all that good but it had enough of that one thing that would propel reality TV into what it is today: drama. One of the things people loved about the show (and all … Read moreThe term “homewrecker” is Insane

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