How to Deliver Bad News

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Hey loves and Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception (Deliver Bad News) The best way to deliver bad news is with kindness and sensitivity. Deliver Bad News. Be sensitive to their feelings When delivering bad news, it is important to be sensitive to the person’s feelings and emotions. You should also be aware of … Read moreHow to Deliver Bad News

What does it mean to lack emotional intelligence?

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Emotional Intelligence You’ve probably heard the term “emotional intelligence” thrown around a lot in recent years. But what does it really mean? When you hear people talk about emotional intelligence, you might assume that they’re talking about something like IQ. But this is not at all true! In fact, emotional intelligence is much more important … Read moreWhat does it mean to lack emotional intelligence?

Mommy Issues vs Daddy Issues

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Let’s talk about mommy issues vs daddy issues The term “daddy issues” has been used to describe men who have difficulty with their children. It’s a bit outdated, but it still makes sense in some cases. What exactly is daddy issue and how can you know if your partner has them? Let’s find out! Mommy … Read moreMommy Issues vs Daddy Issues

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