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What does it mean to lack emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence

You’ve probably heard the term “emotional intelligence” thrown around a lot in recent years. But what does it really mean? When you hear people talk about emotional intelligence, you might assume that they’re talking about something like IQ. But this is not at all true! In fact, emotional intelligence is much more important than IQ when it comes to determining your success in life – and also your happiness!

Section: What happens when we lack emotional intelligence?

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Section: How does emotional intelligence relate to our daily lives?

Section: Why do some of us have more emotional intelligence than others?

You have a tendency to avoid making eye contact, which can lead to you missing out on nonverbal cues.

You have a tendency to avoid making eye contact, which can lead to you missing out on nonverbal cues. You’re not alone in this: It’s a common problem for many people who lack emotional intelligence.

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In business settings, it’s important to be able to read body language and facial expressions so that you can understand what someone is saying or thinking. But outside of work settings, reading nonverbal cues is just as important if not more so than spoken words—and it’s something that comes naturally when we interact with others! Take this example: If your friend says “I love you,” but doesn’t look at you while he says it (or even smiles), then he might not mean his words as much as they do when spoken aloud: He might just be trying hard not laugh at how lame they sound because he knows how lame they sound! This could make him seem like an asshole later on down the line because now there’s no way for anyone else (including yourself) who wants closure after breaking up

You’re overly critical of other people.

You’re overly critical of other people. This can be a problem, because criticizing others is not always healthy or constructive. It can also be counterproductive if you’re trying to get them to change their behavior in some way—for example, by telling them they should stop being so lazy and get off their ever-growing couch; or that they need some self-improvement before they can start making any sense out of anything at all.

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However, criticism isn’t necessarily bad either: sometimes it’s necessary for building relationships with other people (as long as it’s delivered in a positive way); and sometimes it even helps us learn more about ourselves and our own values than we could ever have expected!

You often assume that bad intentions are behind other people’s actions.

You often assume that other people’s actions are motivated by their bad intentions.

Perhaps seeing someone doing something you don’t like, and instead of taking into account the fact that they might be acting out of ignorance, or trying to do a good thing (or even just being nice), you immediately assume it’s because they want to hurt you.

It’s not uncommon for people with low emotional intelligence to have this problem: they assume everyone around them wants them out of their life—and so they become defensive and paranoid when someone might actually be trying to help them!

You haven’t learned how to express your feelings.

Maybe you haven’t learned how to express your feelings.

Also might be thinking, “But I’m so smart and good at math! How can I not have emotional intelligence?” Well, first of all, expressing your emotions isn’t the same thing as being emotional. It’s just a way of communicating with others. If you’ve never learned how to talk about what you’re feeling in a healthy way (for example: “I’m really sad right now”). Then yes. You could use more emotional intelligence in this area. But even if you’re awesome at expressing yourself emotionally (and/or sharing other people’s feelings).

There are still ways that lack of emotional intelligence comes into play when it comes down to relationships and communication between two people who love each other very much. But don’t always get along well together either. Because they don’t know how. Or because they don’t want too much attention drawn away from themselves by focusing on someone else’s problems instead which makes them feel less important than usual…

You label others frequently, but struggle to label yourself.

Its always about what everyone is doing instead of occasionally taking a look in the mirror. Everyone makes mistakes but they think they are excluded from this.

You don’t listen to other people’s advice.

You don’t listen to other people’s advice.

This is the most common way people come across a lack of emotional intelligence. And it’s also one of the biggest mistakes you can make as an adult. If you’re ever given advice by someone who knows more than you do, take it seriously! When I was younger and my daughter was still in high school (who am I kidding? She still is), she would listen to me closely when I told her how to do something or what not to do.

As an adult, however, she seems more inclined to ignore me now. Because she thinks we aren’t going anywhere together anymore—but this isn’t true! You could go places together: college or grad school maybe? Even better yet: moving out into your own place. So that there will be no confusion about who’s supposed to be doing what around here!

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You can’t read other people’s feelings.

If you can’t read other people’s feelings, you might miss out on important information. For example, if someone is upset about something and he tells you that he’s not feeling well. But then later in the day he acts like nothing happened, it could be because he was really upset earlier and now feels better.

You may also offend people by not realizing what they’re feeling or how they feel about something. For example:

  • A teacher asks her students to write down their ideas for a project on emotions and feelings in order to help them understand better how these things work within their lives as individuals (and maybe even at school). One student writes “I am sad because I didn’t get invited to my friend’s birthday party.” Another student writes “I am happy because this is my last day before the summer break.” But neither one knows what role emotion plays in either situation!
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Emotional intelligence is important in the workplace, in your personal relationships and in your overall life satisfaction.

Emotional intelligence is important in the workplace, in your personal relationships, and in your overall life satisfaction.

People who are emotionally intelligent are better at reading social cues. They can pick up on subtle changes in the body language of others. Which helps them understand what other people are thinking or feeling before they say anything themselves. These skills also help them to better manage their own emotions so that they don’t get carried away by them like an emotional rollercoaster ride. Or worse yet, become totally disconnected from their true selves during times of stress or anger (which can lead to relationship problems).

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Emotionally intelligent people are more likely to be successful at work. Because they’re able to express themselves well through writing memos or emails instead of screaming at someone across the desk while holding a pen above their head like it was a sword ready for battle!


If you have a lack of emotional intelligence, it can be detrimental to your career and personal life. It’s important to recognize this and work on improving your communication skills so that you can better interact with others.

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