Workout Playlist

Everyone needs something that gets them motivated to workout or actually go to the gym. Mine happens to be music. So here is a list of MUST HAVE songs on your gym playlist. These songs literally get me so motivated to accomplish something. Work B**** by Britney Spears Favorite Lyric from the song: Bring it … Read moreWorkout Playlist

Withholding the Truth Can Make Someone Feel just as Bad as Lying to them

“LIES AND SILENCES CARRY THEIR OWN KINDS OF TRUTH. YOU CAN LEARN A GREAT DEAL ABOUT A PERSONS CHARACTER AND MOTIVES THROUGH WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO WITHHOLD FROM YOU.” –BEAU TAPLIN Have you ever gotten some news at a questionable time? Like someone waits until they’re caught or until they’re asked about something to admit … Read moreWithholding the Truth Can Make Someone Feel just as Bad as Lying to them

Unpopular Opinions: Part 2

Once again I am back with my Unpopular opinions. And once again these are my opinions. Which means that these aren’t facts but I feel very strong about these, low-key I think they are. Some of these opinions may offend you but it is just my opinion, you don’t have to agree. SO let’s get … Read moreUnpopular Opinions: Part 2

Lessons we can learn from the movie: Uptown Girls

Hey loves, and welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. It’s Sunday and in certain places, rainy outside.  Instead of me telling you the plot and all that fun stuff about the movie, possibly ruining some parts of the movie. These quotes are very important not only in the movie but in life. “OTHER PEOPLE … Read moreLessons we can learn from the movie: Uptown Girls

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