Unpopular Opinions: Part 2

Once again I am back with my Unpopular opinions. And once again these are my opinions. Which means that these aren’t facts but I feel very strong about these, low-key I think they are. Some of these opinions may offend you but it is just my opinion, you don’t have to agree.

SO let’s get started!


Not everyone looks right in every article of clothing.

I’m sorry to those who believe otherwise. Now I am the last person who should be labeled as someone who body shames. I just know for a fact, every article of clothing is not made for everyone and people know this. Designers like Vera Wang aren’t making things specifically things for those who have a little more meat on their bones. I’m sorry but its the truth. If you want a Vera Wang wedding dress, you just can’t go in her shop and pick the dress off her rack if you are a bigger woman. You have to be fitted and have it altered. Is that okay? no. But what also is not okay is squeezing yourself into something that is not made for you. And I’m not only coming after those who are bigger, those who are tiny aren’t going to look right in certain outfits too because it was made for someone bigger or taller. That’s just it. Which is why the fashion industry needs to change, until it does everyone needs to dress for their size, including men. Come on, have you ever been to a Victoria secret and couldn’t find your size underwear and then get on Instagram and see someone posting photos in undergarments that are clearly not their size, yea! I have and its not cute. Good luck with you yeast infection sis. 


The government has a cure for cancer.

This is actually something that pisses me off because I have lost so many people in my family to cancer due to the government being selfish and money hungry. America makes money off of Cancer patients. Think about it. If there were a cancer cure to come out they would lose out on money that goes to Chemo, they would lose out on money for overnight hospital stays. The government knows why people are dying from cancer but they are focused on America. This is all what America is about. This country was built on things like greed of money. It’s a way of them controlling things. Notice how those who usually survive are those who are rich. The upper class. This country is not about fairness and that is not cool.


Turkey Burgers taste better than beef burgers.

Moving on to a not so serious opinion, I believe that beef burgers leaving you feeling icky after you finish them. They’re not good for you anyway. The amount of grease they hold is terrible and they are a heavy food. My go to is a turkey burger or a salmon burger. First of all they have more flavor and I am all about flavor. Second, they don’t make me feel fat after eating one, or two, or three.


Brussel sprouts are life.

To me, those who say that they dislike Brussel sprouts do not cook right. Brussel sprouts are literally just cabbage disguised as balls. There’s not much more I can say than to cook better because Cleary your cooking at fault not Brussel sprouts. Learn to season the things.


Baby Boomers are more disrespectful than millennials.

Okay a lot of people are going to be offended by this and many will agree. I already have a feeling of who is going to be offered but thats whatever. Have you all ever been to a restaurant with your parents or a friends parents, or anyone around that age. So not my family in particular but I went out to eat with this family and the restaurant was short on staff so it was going to take our food a little bit longer than usual. So my friends and I having experience in working in jobs like retail and food, we understood and it was no big deal. But their parents, My God, it was the end of the world that day for them. They copped an attitude and assume that would make the food come any quicker. I don’t understand why people that age or older feel so entitled that things must go their way or they’re going to die. I only have one thing to say to them and that is GET OVER YOURSELF!


Not everyone’s mom and grandma can cook.

Next topic! Bro this might hurt a couple of feelings, but some of your family cannot cook. “My moms greens are bomb”. Says who friend. If you haven’t had any one else you wouldn’t know any better. There have been times I have been to other peoples house, first of all their cleanliness was terrible so I could already tell that their food was not up to par, but I digress. The food was not as good as they bragged that it would be and I was disappointed. Like why would you get my hopes up for nothing.


You still need to ask for permission to use stuff such as shampoo and lotion or go in someone’s fridge when you go to their place. 

One big pet peeve of mine is people touching my stuff without permission. I don’t care how close we are. If you come to my place and need to use something, even if it is a small thing like toothpaste. I’ve had people come visit me and just assume I was alright with them using my facial stuff and going through my fridge, without asking me. I even had one eat my favorite snack that I bough for myself without asking and have the nerve to say “I didn’t;t eat that much”. Excuse me, but where on God’s green Earth is that okay? Clearly not everyone was raised the same.


Madonna is overrated. 

Now don’t get me wrong, she has a few good songs, and when I say a few, I literally mean that. She got around with a lot of industry guys to stay relevant and her voice is mediocre. To this day she makes songs that sound the same. I think that it is just time for her to retire because the only way for her to sell music now is to hook up with a young attractive artist and cause a scene. She’s just annoying and is given more credit than necessary.


Pringles are thee worst chip every. 

There is not much to say about this. I give them props for giving us the amount of chips that we pay for unlike other brands, but honestly it is expected considering the chips are trash. They need to do better because they lack favor.


Saying “No offense” are something you genially say to offend someone is a cop out and weak. 

I really dislike people who cannot say things with their chest. They already know what they are about to say is disrespectful but instead of being ready to take the replications of their words, they say “No offense” to get less of a reaction. Usually when someone says “NO OFFENSE”, be prepared to hear something that is disrespectful and maybe an insult. I think people should just drop those words and say what they need to say and be prepared for the reaction. Or, heres something you should thing about, think before you say something. If what your about to say is not coming from a compassionate place or you’re trying to tell them some constructive criticism, like”Hey they way you’ve been dressing is not really you, maybe we can find different look”. See what I did there? You’re trying to help them change and it’s done in a respectful way.  I guess the moral of this opinion is say it with your chest or not at all.







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2 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions: Part 2

  1. Haha! Love this! I also made two unpopular opinions on my blog as well. I hate Pringles! They’re just not good AT ALL to me 😂 Madonna IS overrated and I too believe that the government knows the cure to cancer. You’re right, they’re very money hungry, it’s a shame. I am so sorry about the losses in your family😔

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