My experience with a Narcissist

“UNLESS YOU ARE A SURVIVOR OF EMOTIONAL ABUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS TO FIGHT DAILY BATTLES IN YOUR HEAD WITH A PERSON YOU NO LONGER HAVE CONTACT WITH.” Normally I don’t let things affect me. But this experience has messed up my head, although my heart is not affected, as of right … Read moreMy experience with a Narcissist

My Unpopular opinions

Okay so we have been seeing a lot of these. But most of them aren’t really unpopular. Some will agree and some won’t. But as Nene said, “I SAID WHAT I SAID”. So, let’s get started.   In college, when it comes to dating or “choosing”, the chase is always more fun than the relationship. … Read moreMy Unpopular opinions

Dodging a bullet

“SOMETIMES THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS NOT THINK, NOT WONDER, NOT IMAGINE, NOT OBSESS. JUST BREATHE, AND HAVE FAITH THAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FOR THE BEST.” Being able to embrace all the bullets I dodged and recognize that they were blessings in disguise, is considered a blessing to me. I look back … Read moreDodging a bullet

Must have items: Spring Wardrobe

“I LIKE MY MONEY WHERE I CAN SEE IT. HANGING IN MY CLOSET.”-CARRIE BRADSHAW Hey loves, There are certain items you should have in your closet for every season, some repeating.  BUT do you know what they are? You should! These items can create amazing outfits for any type of event. Light-wash jeans: Let’s be … Read moreMust have items: Spring Wardrobe

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