My Unpopular opinions

Okay so we have been seeing a lot of these. But most of them aren’t really unpopular. Some will agree and some won’t. But as Nene said, “I SAID WHAT I SAID”. So, let’s get started.


In college, when it comes to dating or “choosing”, the chase is always more fun than the relationship.  Have you ever wanted something so bad, then once you get it, you’re like oh okay yea I don’t want it anymore? Like you invested your time into getting with the person and once you get it, it’s not even worth it. Let me make it clear, I don’t chase men, but when I do engage with them, the “getting to know you” part is better than the whole thing.

dating in college

Taco Bell and Panda Express are for people who don’t care for their stomaches. Okay I don’t know who told America this was okay but it’a not. You’re eating a Chinese and Mexican food placebo. Why would you do that to your body? You don’t love yourself? Doesn’t the after effects from eating the food make you want to stop? But I’ll let y’all be great.



Not every man looks cute with dreads. Let’s face it, not everything looks right on everyone. I don’t care what anyone else says. It’s true. Dreads can be very cute, on certain people. The head shape and face structure really matter.  Especially in the early stages.


Selena Gomez has not talent. I’m not even going to lie. I used to like Selena as an actress… when she was on Barney. But does Barney really require talent? No let’s be serious, you do a couple dances and a few songs, but it really requires no talent. The older I got I realized that she’s just a pretty face. See…at least I’ll give her that. I really wonder what is keeping the support of her fans? Someone please explain it to me.

selena gomez

Black looks good on everyone. First off, this color is slimming, so anything that makes the body look better, is amazing. I’ve noticed that all skin tones look good with black. You can wear it to formal occasions or when you’re bumming it out and still look good. Black is such a mood and anyone who wears it looks clean.


Anything coconut flavored (except coquito) is nasty. Don’t get me wrong, I can throw done some coquito, but first of all the texture, like on German chocolate cake, has the same effect as nails on a chalkboard. I believe if you dislike a certain flavor, that is the only thing you are going to notice when you eat anything with that item. I can’t even enjoy a Pina Colada without tasting it. It smells good in lotions but the taste is terrible. But to each its on.


Rap these days doesn’t require talent, which is why most of the “rappers” these days should be considered talentless and not respected. Rap has gone downhill, and I will argue with anyone about this. TOO many of these rappers are being given awards and praise for their work today but I think they’re highly overrated. Don’t get me wrong, they have some bops, however, I don’t think you can put them in a booth and have them freestyle. Whatever happened to raw talent?

no talent

People who wish you ill are the ones closest to you. I’ve noticed that a lot of friends of my past wanted me to stay stagnant. They would joke around about me failing, but we all know there is a little truth in every joke. I just was naive and not expecting it to come from them. You have to be careful with who you call friends. They want you to do better, just not better than them.


Dominos has the worst pizza ever. I rank this restaurant very low. Their cheese taste old. The sauce taste like ketchup. Its just terrible. I think this pizza is the grown up version of Lunchables pizza. Why is this place acceptable? Why?


The movies is the worst place to go on a first date. You can’t get to know someones true intentions in a movie theatre. Why? Because you aren’t speaking. The date needs to be hands in and in good lighting so that you can read body language and really get to know that person. You do not want to date time, because time is more valuable than Money. It’s coo for the second date. You guys want to go to the movies? Knock yourselves out. ONE THE SECOND DATE.  Do yourself the favor by doing something else with that person.


Red is the worst Starburst flavor. We all know the pink starburst is the best of the original flavors. But I think the yellow is second. Honestly the red ones taste like cough syrup and who voluntarily wants anything that tastes like that. If you dislike someone, show them that you do and give them a red Starburst. starbusrt




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