The Evolved Woman I’m becoming…

“How beautiful would it be if we could just see souls instead of bodies? To see love and compassion instead of curves.”  ― Karen Quan Hey love, Welcome back! I am so excited to share this post just because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I have been through so much within the past few … Read moreThe Evolved Woman I’m becoming…

The Secret Of Karma

 “Karma, simply put, is an action for an action, good or bad.”- Hey guys, welcome back to another post! So, life has a funny way of throwing a curveball at you, but it has a funny way of working itself out. Today’s topic is one that I feel everyone will feel on a spiritual level. … Read moreThe Secret Of Karma

When Emotions Run High, Logic Runs Low

Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion. Hey loves, welcome back! Cheers to another post. You may notice that many of my post link together. When you need to make a hard decision, flip a coin. Why? Because when that coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for. … Read moreWhen Emotions Run High, Logic Runs Low

Breaking Down My Looks from the Past: Life in Looks

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.-Coco Chanel Hey guys, welcome back, So, it has been a while. Been going through life situations, but let’s ignore that phone. I wanted to do a post that keeps my mind off things. So, let’s talk about something I love… Fashion! This post was inspired by … Read moreBreaking Down My Looks from the Past: Life in Looks

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