Breaking Down My Looks from the Past: Life in Looks

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.-Coco Chanel

Hey guys, welcome back,

So, it has been a while. Been going through life situations, but let’s ignore that phone. I wanted to do a post that keeps my mind off things. So, let’s talk about something I love… Fashion! This post was inspired by Vogue magazine. On their YouTube channel, they are celebrities about outfits and looks from the past. This gives us the stories behind iconic looks and not so iconic looks. I thought I’d try it. I think it be cool to look back on some of my luxe because trust me, there is a story. Let’s get started!

So this look was from when I was maybe two years old. And as you can see I look like I’m dressed for a huge fiesta. Literally, my mom dressed me like that all the time. And one of her favorite colors happen to be red. Honestly,  I think my mom left just in the app as a baby doll. I used to get called one all the time. how much you want to bet we were just going to the grocery store? A puffy red dress, with a high bun and white boots.

OK, this was from the time in college where I was wearing a lot of oversize clothes. So this exact jacket happened to be this guy friend who let me have the jacket. And it was super huge on me. But I thought it would be cute with some jeans and Converse sneakers and that’s literally how I went to class that day. And for some reason, I thought this was at work and it wasn’t.

This is so funny! So this exact outfit was from homecoming. I literally made it the day before. and this is homecoming in college. So I went to Hobby Lobby and got an oversized white 30 from the men’s section. And I cut the hoodie in half to make the mini skirt and crop top. I don’t have a picture of the back but I also made it to where it’s showing my back holes that I created. I thought it was kind of cute but was it a little bit over the top for tailgating? Maybe! But I still served looks.

Awwww! So when I was younger, I trust in a lot of unisex clothes. I think a lot of kids my age or dressing that way just because it was the 90s. So oversized clothes or in style. And my family happens to be from Chicago as well. So we of course will spend some of us still are! And I had a two-piece matching balls outfit that my mom had put me in. By the way that’s not my mom the picture that is my mom’s friend.

These looks are from my college graduation. I want to go all out because graduating college is honestly a big achievement. So I did one olive colored dress for one reception in the red one for another one. The day was very exhausting so honestly, the one where I have the furry sandals on in the picture, that’s when my feet were killing me. I had on White Heels that day!

The only thing that got me excited to get ready for class in college was getting ready. So that day I had on the files with matching talking wedges in the see-through sheer pink long sleeve top to go with it. I’m not a huge fan of the color pink but for some reason, I decided to buy that tub because it was super cute.

OK, these two legs are from I think this was my second to last maybe, second to last Little five. Which is an event at my college? Just look it up I’m not gonna explain on here. But there’s always teams for darties and parties, so I always look forward to popping out. At one of the parties the theme was Jersey. So again I got a man’s balls button down. Cut it and turned it into a two-piece mini skirt. And then I threw on some Jordans

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