3 Reasons I like Pinterest

You can manifest the life you truly want with clear intention, emotional intelligence and imagination like it or not, your life is what you have chosen.

Hey guys welcome back!!!!

So a while back I did posts on My mood board and vision board. I wanted to give you guys inside scoops on my board on Pinterest. I like to use Pinterest as a way of manifesting things that I want in my life. Call me corny but it gives me hope!

Whatever you are inside, the good and bad will manifest in the outside world. 

Reason number one

I like that I can find things I need help on. There are times where I want help with recipes or times where I want advice. I just type in the search bar the ingredients I have and some dishes pop up. It’s amazing.

Reason Number Two

I have visuals of the things I want in life. The type of further kitchen I want or the type of wedding I do want. Lately, I’ve been dreaming about the type of closet I want in the future. It helps me remember why I need to save money and work hard. I think of Pinterest as my online vision board.

Dreams. They start in your beautiful mind. Think of beautiful things and it will manifest into actions because your body will listen to you. Like it always does.      

Diana Rose Morcilla

Another reason I like Pinterest is because it gives me home ideas. So random fact about me is that I like to look at interior design. For some reason, it is my passion to look at how things are organized and decorated in homes. So I find myself going onto Pinterest and looking up room ideas for me hopefully fingers crossed, my dream home. And it’s so fun looking at people’s creative side and using it to help me start my creative side.

Reason Number Three

I get motivated and cheer myself up with quotes or motivating post, posted on there. I find myself using the quotes to hang on my wall and remind me of the positive things in life.

If you don’t have one, I highly suggest that you make a Pinterest and try it out. It’s so relaxing, just pinning things that you can relate to. Follow me on Pinterest while you’re at it. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Please comment, follow, share, and like this post. See you on the next one!

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