My Favorite looks from the Oscars

Hey Loves Welcome back to another fashion Post on, Joi’s Journey of Perception. We love a good fashion Post. I love everything to do with fashion and I thought I’d share my favorite and not so favorite looks from the 2021 Oscars. Before I start, If you are new to my page. I’m Joi White,Blogger. … Read moreMy Favorite looks from the Oscars

Fashion and the Image of the Ideal Woman

stack of fashion magazines on floor

Hey loves welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. I am so excited for this post, just because I am uber passionate about this topic. We all know I love fashion, so it is about time I give another fashion post, to get you through the week. I have previously done a post on fashion … Read moreFashion and the Image of the Ideal Woman

7 Times Nature has Taught us Life Lessons

white and black killer whale on blue pool

We should be like butterflies and go with the wind in life. There are ups and downs but go with the flow. I constantly like to control as much as I can, but life has taught me that that is not realistic.

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In Case You Missed It

chairs near body of water

Our Lab Certification Our Facilities Our Location The idea of Beauty This is my opinion on the idea of beauty. We Employ Latest Research Technology & Company Be Sure to check out my Podcast as well. Alex Hobbs Founder, Our Expertise Prepare yourself for some throwback posts. Pathologycam Testing Mineral Assay Pharmaceutical Research Be sure … Read moreIn Case You Missed It

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A Little Lesson in Friendship

people gathered inside house sitting on sofa

This Month’s Book Friendships don’t just happen by Shasta Nelson Chapter one is called “Admit the Admire” Just by that title, you can see that the author is suggesting for us to take the step of telling someone that we all should be friends. I know that it is hard to make friends as adults. … Read moreA Little Lesson in Friendship

The Epidemic of Pick Me’s

unrecognizable man covering mouth of woman

About People who are labeled pick me put other girls down to make themselves look better. What’s up guys! Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. Today’s topic is “Pick Me’s” and why they are terrible friends. Some of you may be confused, while others may have let out a sigh and eye roll You … Read moreThe Epidemic of Pick Me’s

My issue with the Khole Kardashian Fiasco

ON-DEMAND VIDEO COURSES Compliments and criticism are all ultimately based on some form of projection. Billy Corgan Live in your truth or not? Do you deal with self-image issues? We’ve all had our fair share of not living up to the standards. This past week, reality star, Khloe Kardashian was forced to deal with the … Read moreMy issue with the Khole Kardashian Fiasco

Fun Things to learn from Young Adult Novels pt 2.

My story of travelling through the world The functions of Young Adult Dystopia novels reflect what adults see as society’s ills to foreworn young people and to inspire young adults to make a change and not repeat mistakes of the past. Through the novels The Lost Girl and The Hunger Games, the choice of character (gender) is very important. … Read moreFun Things to learn from Young Adult Novels pt 2.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Spring Daten Pt. 2

chairs and tables inside a room

Eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore. – William Lawrence Rooftop Bar I can guarantee there are rooftop bars near you. You can enjoy great food, music, and company. Just be sure to go on a nice day. Nature Apple Picking It doesn’t have to be apple, but have fun picking your own fruit. … Read moreOutrageous Ideas For Your Spring Daten Pt. 2

Spring Date Ideas Pt. 1

vintage bicycle with basket near wall

Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be Welcome back ! I am excited for this post! I want to helps some people out, and why not have fun doing it. Today’s post is about Spring date ideas. Like I said in my WInter Date Post For my single people out there, … Read moreSpring Date Ideas Pt. 1

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