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The Epidemic of Pick Me’s


People who are labeled pick me put other girls down to make themselves look better.

What’s up guys! Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception.

Today’s topic is “Pick Me’s” and why they are terrible friends. Some of you may be confused, while others may have let out a sigh and eye roll

You understand why as soon as I explain what type of people Pick Me’s are.

What is a “Pick Me”

“I’m not like other girls”

A Pick me

I will start off with the actual definition.

A “pick me girl” is a stereotype of a girl or woman who puts obvious effort into seeking approval and attention from men. Variations of this stereotype depict “pick me’s” as “cool girls” who are mean to other women, overly flirtatious, and boy crazy.

A pick me is a Toxic man’s dream girl. So many men with toxic masculinity love, and when I say love, I mean love them. Why? Because these women validate their toxic way of living and thinking.

For example, the whole putting “ugly women” down during the “he cheated because she looks like that” debate. How pathetic is that. The pick me would be like “I see why he cheated on her with her.”

Tweets that explain Pick Me Pick


Why they are terrible Friends?

Have you ever had a friend who acts like she cannot function without a man? Or a friend who would put every man before her friendships? I have, unfortunately. A pick me will bow down a man’s feet and do anything at the snap of a finger. These women will bow down at their toxic masculinity because they believe that’s what they deserve.

Pick Me’s preach about how a woman should look. You know, living up to the standards of what society deems lady like.Pick Me’s try to set themselves apart from others.

Pick Me’s are an epidemic. They literally help men set back women’s rights. All to get a man’s approval. Yuck!

There is nothing wrong with doing what makes your many happy, but to put down other women to build yourself up is disgusting. Congratulations on adding to misogyny.

mi·sog·y·ny/məˈsäjənē/Learn to pronouncenoun

  1. dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

Congratulations on going against your own gender to get attention from men. Not even the right attention. Why? Because these men do not respect you.


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These ladies constantly blame women for the way toxic men treat them. Like we’re the reason they mistreat us. Thank you for victim-blaming. You ladies have set the bar very low, that when women like me, you know women with standards and high expectations, states what I need. Men look at me like I’m high maintenance.

The bar is so low, that it is in hell for men, and Pick me does not help. Let’s take a look at the “tweet like a pick me hashtag”

Tweet like a pick me hash tag

Now I am about to ruffle some feathers, but I will give you an example of a pick me.

My Goals

Pay Attention to Tamera and what she is saying and how she is saying it.

Pick me’s love slut-shaming. They look to please men, meanwhile, every man is different and they all have their idea of what they want in a woman, If you are content with what you offer a man, you do not have to put other women down.

Another Example

I am pro-woman. Meaning I support whatever a woman wants to do. I support however a woman wants to express herself. I am not one to judge. Too bad there are people who do not feel that way. Feminism was created because women deserve equality in every aspect.

I am wondering how everyone is taking this post. Let me know in the comments below.

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