What to Wear on the First Date

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Although first dates rarely serve as people’s first impressions, they can nonetheless influence how a relationship develops. The first date’s attire is crucial for establishing the mood. Without even speaking, your clothing can communicate who you are as a person. Joi’s Journey of Perception is back; welcome. I’ve neglected to write a fashion piece for … Read moreWhat to Wear on the First Date

Phrases You Shouldn’t Say to Single People

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Let me address this audience in tribute to or on behalf of another group. People in relationships need to hear this now more than ever. Because your use of cliched phrases is irritating single folks. Be sure to subscribe below for more posts like these before I get on my soapbox, though. What’s the Deal? … Read morePhrases You Shouldn’t Say to Single People

A Letter to my Younger Self

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We all had preconceived notions of who we would be as adults. Maybe we all imagined that we would be the exact opposite of who we were when we were younger. Perhaps a few of us wished we could channel our inner superhero. Whether we succeeded in our goals or not, we all had them. … Read moreA Letter to my Younger Self

How to Leave With Grace

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What do you mean? Although I am aware that many individuals are not religious, I wanted to mention a lesson that I continuously make sure I have internalized. A woman was on the internet discussing her knowledge in this area. “Leaving with Grace” is the subject. There are references to this throughout the Bible. I … Read moreHow to Leave With Grace

Songs That Put Me In a Better Mood

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We’re back with another installment of White Noise Wednesday. There have been many events in my life, including some that are forbidden to me but that I love. So, despite all I’m going through, I thought I’d share music that makes me smile and makes me feel better. In light of this, take a pen … Read moreSongs That Put Me In a Better Mood

3 Things that Bug Me Most About People

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In today’s piece, I’m going to talk about how I relate to you guys. We all have pet peeves that irritate us at any given time. I thought I’d share these with you today. Many individuals, I know, enjoy hearing about other people’s annoyances because you never know if someone else is experiencing the same … Read more3 Things that Bug Me Most About People

We Have a New Thoughtbase

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Hey Love’s Today I am talking about Lust vs. Love. So this episode is centered on these two terms, which are frequently misunderstood. For others to understand, I break it down a little bit. This will assist you in not rushing into a relationship with someone before getting to know them for who they truly … Read moreWe Have a New Thoughtbase

A Conversation We Must Have

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We must communicate! I know it’s a term that everyone despises hearing, but this is a conversation that needs to end since it’s been going on for far too long. There was a discussion about guys spreading memes on the Internet. “Can’t wait to lie for my son and girl, ain’t nobody permitted in my … Read moreA Conversation We Must Have

Quora Q & A pt. 2

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Hey loves and welcome back to my blog! It is time for another part of my favorite series where I answer a bunch of random questions about random things. Disclaimer I do want to let you know that I will be giving my opinion and everyone does have one. So take my opinion with the … Read moreQuora Q & A pt. 2

What Product I am Loving this Summer?

Summer has arrived. And we’re well aware of what that entails! The laundry is done. You don’t want to spend too much time worrying about your hair and how to keep it protected from the sun. So now I’d want to discuss my favorite hair product, which is fantastic for all hair types but especially … Read moreWhat Product I am Loving this Summer?

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