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Phrases You Shouldn’t Say to Single People

Let me address this audience in tribute to or on behalf of another group. People in relationships need to hear this now more than ever. Because your use of cliched phrases is irritating single folks. Be sure to subscribe below for more posts like these before I get on my soapbox, though.

What’s the Deal?

Let me now re-clear my throat. People and relationships have a way of offering single people who either enjoy being single or aren’t searching for a relationship awful, unfounded advice. These people and partnerships frequently accept their partners in the mistaken belief that they won the lottery. Today, I wanted to discuss some of those issues and the reasons why single people could find them upsetting or unpleasant. Let’s get started.

Phrases that Need to Stop

Some of the expressions you may have heard as a single person and why they irritate you

“I’m so relieved I’m in a relationship, I couldn’t do the dating thing these days.”: Because it doesn’t provide anyone with any kind of emotional validation, this sentence is bothersome. You’re redirecting the conversation’s focus to center on you. We are already aware of how small and difficult the dating pool is. It gets worse when you remind them.

“Love yourself first“: This expression irritates people since it essentially implies that they don’t love themselves enough, which is why they are single. While in a relationship, you can still love yourself and develop your self-awareness. In actuality, you ought to continue doing it. It is taking away someone’s right and deserve of love to tell them to love themselves before they can be left.

“Relationships are overrated”: If you are in a relationship yourself, relationships are not overrated. Although being in a relationship has been kind of imposed on women starting at a young age, the desire for companionship is typical of human nature. It’s not the finest thing to say to tell someone they’re overrated in order to make them feel better about not being in one.

Don’t rush to get into a relationship”: Now this one bugs me, you sang this while I’m outside looking and we are observing you in your relationship is messed up. A lot of the people who say this phrase isn’t happy in their relationship. They actually rush because they retired from being alone. You’ve never seen them single and they’ve never dated themselves. It’s kind of hypocritical don’t you think.

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My Opinion

So this is my relationship with everyone. Many of the people in relationships who are giving this bad counsel are so codependent that it is absurd. Since they have never experienced isolation on their own, they are acting in ways that they believe their spouse wants them to since they are unaware of their true self. I never once advised my friends who had returned to violent partners to accept that kind of abuse, but when I asked them for guidance, they responded that their standards were too high.

Why should I have to alter my criteria in order to locate the partner with whom I feel the most compatible? I won’t reduce my standards merely to get in a relationship quickly as other people do so that I can feel whole. I don’t need somebody to be with me who isn’t a fully realized human being because I am. Don’t give advice at all if you’re not going to give it with substance.

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