6 Tweets that Deserve a Response

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Twitter is a mind dump. We are literally talking to ourselves and if people like it or agree they react. In my opinion, it’s one of the best apps. There are certain followers I have that tweet gems. Today, on Joi’s Journey of Perception, I will be giving my perception on seven tweets that were … Read more6 Tweets that Deserve a Response

Common Questions about Relationships Pt.2

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Hey love so welcome back to Joiโ€˜s journey a perception! I am back with part two on common questions about relationships! Again I am no expert so take this advice with a grain of salt. But letโ€™s jump into it! โ€œA woman laughing is a woman conquered.โ€ โ€”Anonymous What are the things to be considered … Read moreCommon Questions about Relationships Pt.2

A Gift From Me

With the New Year coming up, it is time to start thinking of some goals for yourself. For all of my subscribers I have created a calendar for you to plan the life you dream of . My blog is about growth and it starts with the little things. You must be suscribe to get … Read moreA Gift From Me

Common Questions about Relationships PT. 1

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Hey loves and Welcome Back to Thoughtbase. I am coming with the good stuff today. I want to give a disclaimer, these are my opinions (from my perspective). These are just common questions searched for on the internet. But first, for more posts like these, subscribe below so you don’t, miss out. What are the … Read moreCommon Questions about Relationships PT. 1

I am Thankful for You

Hey loves and welcome to Joi’s Journey of Perception. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for supporting me on this journey. This is just the beginning. My top two posts can be found below. I am really glad you guys loved them. MY FAVORITE RESTAURANTS IN CHICAGO I have met so many … Read moreI am Thankful for You

As you Seek the Right Suitor, Stay Positive

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Hey, loves welcome back to Joiโ€˜s journey of perception I am Joi! This month in November, I have been posting reviews of the books I have been reading! I am in the next chapter and this chapter discusses how to remain positive while you are dating. So a while ago dating was considered to be … Read moreAs you Seek the Right Suitor, Stay Positive

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