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As you Seek the Right Suitor, Stay Positive

Hey, loves welcome back to Joi‘s journey of perception

I am Joi! This month in November, I have been posting reviews of the books I have been reading! I am in the next chapter and this chapter discusses how to remain positive while you are dating. So a while ago dating was considered to be something that was supposed to be fine. I know that since times have changed people do not enjoy dating. People are more manipulative, lie more, and so forth. The purpose of this chapter is to teach us how to be positive.

Let’s Keep it Real

Their remark that dating and experiencing a loss are both normal drew my attention right away. Each person has experienced rejection, and each person is ugly to someone. Don’t let someone else’s disdain affect how you feel about yourself. Many of us have had to learn those lessons the hard way. You can’t win everyone over. Take into account that most people dislike alcohol or apple juice.

While it’s true that there is always someone out there for everyone, we won’t always be the best choice. Do not allow bad dating encounters and rejection to define who you are. since they don’t. When it comes to dating, it’s crucial to take away lessons from both successful and unsuccessful encounters.

So what should you do?

Beware of letting your failures change who you are as a person. Do not let your good character or your kind heart be affected. Heal yourself as you continue dating and enjoying yourself. There is nothing worse than bringing a negative perspective and baggage from previous experiences to the next person. Who knows—it may be your king, but because you haven’t taken time to heal, you can ruin him as a person.

It takes a lot of courage to love someone and put yourself out there and be vulnerable. Congratulations on your bravery. Thank you guys for reading this post and I look forward to seeing you in the next one! Don’t forget to share this with someone who may need to read it. Also, be sure to like comment subscribe, and follow.

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