Why you Should Prioritize Time with Friends…

Now everyone knows that this symbol means balance and harmony. So, let’s look at it when it comes to this topic. There has to be a balance in the choice in friends that you choose. One side representing receptive and the other side representing the discernment. Choosing someone to be your friend requires discernment.

Spring Cleaning my Life

Spring is the time of Plans and Projects. -Leo Tolstoy Hey loves welcome back! So, recently, I’ve been going through a lot of things that have caused me to take a fresh look at my life, and I’ve realized that I’m outgrowing a lot of people and things. I’ve done my fair share of drinking … Read moreSpring Cleaning my Life

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Spring Trends that I will be rocking 2020

EVERY YEAR THE WOMEN OF NEW YORK LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND AND LOOK FORWARD TO THE FUTURE… THIS IS KNOWN AS FASHION WEEK!- CARRIE BRADSHAW Hey loves, It’s that time of year again. Although, Global warming has been messing up the seasons lately, I thought I put together a list of items I already have … Read moreSpring Trends that I will be rocking 2020

Love languages and why they’re important…

What’s up guys welcome back! Now, continuing on with the theme of love this post is going to be about love languages. Now I know some of you are thinking “well I’m not in a relationship so that doesn’t really matter“. Well, I would like to be the one to say that I’m sorry but … Read moreLove languages and why they’re important…

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