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Now, continuing on with the theme of love this post is going to be about love languages. Now I know some of you are thinking “well I’m not in a relationship so that doesn’t really matter“. Well, I would like to be the one to say that I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Love languages don’t just apply to romantic relationships. They can apply to friendships, work relationships, and family relationships as well. Furthermore, it’s good to know what your love languages are as well as what other people’s love languages are that you are reacting to. I am going to post a link below so you can go and see what your love language is. The book below is also worth reading:

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Welcome back! So now that you know about what each language means and why it’s important. My love languages were already known to me before I even took the quiz, owing to the circumstances in my life at the time that I learned them. Mine happens to be quality time.

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Quality Time

As for your love language, be it quality time or a romantic relationship, it suggests you love the tension of the person with whom you are. It means that you love spending time with family and friends. That’s your way of showing love and feeling loved. It can be the simplest thing like going to the grocery store. As long as you’re with that person you feel at ease. As a child yes I did have friends but after the age of 12 at 10 to stay to myself a lot due to what I had to go through at an early age. And it wasn’t necessarily on purpose, it was just for the simple fact that I was alone basically. Being alone is fine, but every now and then you need to interact with people. Human interaction is my way of showing love. 💜

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The next love language that I’m going to talk about, is words of affirmation. Which just so happens to be my second love language and to be honest one of my only. I just like to hear that I’m doing well. Just hearing words of appreciation or the love someone has for you is a love language.

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The next love language is physical touch. Even though my score didn’t match my previous ones, I still enjoy being touched, even just by holding your hand. It’s just that intimate feeling that I love and helps me feel like I am cared about. My favorite of all is forehead kisses. Those who have physical touch as their number one love language would definitely feel unloved if they weren’t receiving any type of touch from their partner. This goes for parenting as well if your children require hugs or even high-fives if you don’t do that they will just feel unwanted.

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Next, I love asking for service, which is pretty low on my love language list. Just for the simple fact that I am not only controlling but I am way too independent and I like to do things for myself. One of the reasons is because I like things to be done right or I tend to freak out. But another reason is that I just don’t want someone hanging over my head anything that they have done for me or given me. While I am currently working on this, I would probably say that’s one of the most important things I don’t ask of anyone whatsoever.

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My last love language which I scored a zero on is receiving gifts just for the simple fact that when I was younger I tend to receive a lot of gifts but I still felt like there were other categories of showing love that I was lacking in. So yes I do appreciate roses and teddy bears or diamond rings, however, I would prefer you look beautiful or let’s stay in bed and watch movies. But I do also take into consideration others’ love language.

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Wrap Up

Now that you know what all the love languages are, I think it’s important to know why they are important. Let’s start with the fact that if you aren’t living with your partner right then things most likely will not work out. In order for you to be able to love them, and for them to be able to love you, you need to understand how the other wants to be loved, otherwise, you will just be doing things for each other that aren’t necessarily what they are looking for. Watches aren’t the kind of gift guys want when what they really want is to hear “Honey, I’m proud of you.”.

It’s important for you to know your love language and understand it so you can help others understand your love languages.

It was my intention to bring up this topic so that you and others might get to know each other better.

I would like to know your opinion on a lack of understanding of other people’s love languages in the comments section. If you think someone you know might find this post useful, please subscribe, like, and share it. Be sure to check out my other post!

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  1. I find it really interesting to learn about love languages for each member of my family. I was just looking at a book on love languages of children!
    I am definitely words of affirmation, and then touch.

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