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It’s that time of year again. Although, Global warming has been messing up the seasons lately, I thought I put together a list of items I already have or will be adding to my closet for Spring! Like I say in every post, there are certain items you should have in your closet for every season, some repeating.  BUT do you know what they are? You should! These items can create amazing outfits for any type of event. Side-note: I put links to great websites that have these pieces.

We’ll star of with something from last post. Pair of sneakers:(  http://Nike.com )Now I am not a huge fan of tennis shoes. I usually only wear them when I have to. Like to the gym or an amusement park. There a cute ones I would make an exception from. I just feel tennies are a good thing to have in your closet period. Some do look right with a certain dress, but please don’t be that person who wears them with the wrong type of outfit. Everything is not a look!

KNITTED FITS: ( https://jashry.com/products/two-piece-set-knitted-outfits ) ( https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/583016459/handmade-knitted-ladies-set-blouse-and). Now seeing as how I’m always cold, I think I’m excited about how this trend is making his way to the park! Kitted-fits are two pieces of it that are basically needed with the warm factory. Yes. That’s why you can wear i out for a night, for fun, or to work. They also look good if you’re looking to run errands! So I’m excited for this trend!

Light-wash jeans: Let’s be honest, jeans are not always comfortable, but with the right outfit, they look good. Especially in the Spring, when its all about like colors and clothing. Having a nice pair of light jeans and pairing it with the right top will make you look like you actually tried. My favorite is a good pair of boyfriends jeans with a white top. So effortless, yet so cute

Neon unfortunately ( https://www.shopakira.com/whats-new/oh-so-you-neon-pants). So neon. Neon, neon, neon. I have a love-hate relationship for neon. Just for the simple fact that it’s not for every occasion in my opinion. And I don’t wanna look like a highlighter all the time. However I did rock it when it was back in style. That was what, in 2005? But yes neon is coming back in style and it could look good based on how you pair it together and where you wearing. 

Lets’s take a quick mind break loves. Enjoy this quiz!!!


We have another repeat! Rain boots:( https://www.wish.com/product/5a5d55757298d925f39b04f1?c=%7BcampaignId%7D&_force_currency_code=USD&hide_login_modal=true&ad_curr=USD&pid=googleadwords_int&ad_price=68.00&ad_cc=US&from_ad=pinterest_web&ad_cid=5a5d55757298d925f39b04f1&_display_country_code=US&item_group_id=PG_shopping_5a5d55757298d925f39b04f1 )I’m not saying you have to have these on all day, because they can get uncomfortable and aren’t exactly professional. However, I have seen people travel on a train or plane when it was raining. And yes they were headed to a professional setting. You but your heels in a bag and wear your rainbows. Trust me, no-one wants to have wet feet all day. That’s nasty. Mine are pink and black. Pick your favorite color and pattern and have at it.

Suits with shorts ( https://www.thefashionbible.co.uk/products/white-frill-sleeve-jacket-short-set ) Now I have been one to rock this trend just because I think it’s very cute and it goes with my body type. Sidenote, I will talk about body types on another post. But suits with shorts is going to be very big the spring especially, with the spring colors like pastels and white. So while looking very classy you can also look very cute and show your legs. So be prepared to shave those bad boys.

Bralettes/tube tops ( https://www.shoppriceless.com/collections/intimates?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=Social ) Now, I am a big fan of bralettes, tube tops, and crop tops. These items are going to be very in the spring. Feel free to pair them with that suit and short combo especially if the tube tops are lace. 

Leather: Another trend that will be in is leather. Disclaimer if you live in a certain area that you know it gets hotter than Satan‘s finger nails, then I would suggest to tread lightly when you put this piece on. Leather can give you a very edgy look and it’s not what you expect from the cops to spring. But feel free to try it out try something new.

High slits ( http://poshmark.com ) This next trend is one of my favorites just because when it comes to maxi skirts or dresses my height doesn’t really go well with them. I am 5’2  so anything long tends to drag on the floor. So this next train is high slit. He’s not only elongate your legs, but it helps shape your body. I’m very excited put both this and the knitted fits together.

Sunglasses (https://1amazingdeals.com/collections/best-selling-products?1325310866)

 I am a huge sunglasses person. So much so that I wear them year round. Not only are they necessary when it comes to protecting your eyes, but they also pull a look together. Whether they’re high end or cheap from Urban outfitters. Get a pair!

Sheer ( https://www.ikrush.com/ola-polka-dot-mesh-blouse-black)

Now, I haven’t really been on this trend just because it’s very hard to find a piece that I like with it. I do have a couple of pieces however, they are not my cuppa tea at this moment. Sheer will be in, in the spring and it’s a very comfortable material. I look forward to playing with this trend.


Tropical Patterns (http://chicme.com )

The last trend for now, it’s tropical patterns. paddington to help shape someone’s figure, so if you are very tiny and looking to add some curves to your look I would highly suggest trying on the tropical pattern or horizontal stripes. I love a good two-piece like in the picture below so I’m looking forward to rocking this look.

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  1. I love all these trends! I had fun taking the fashion style quiz. I’m ready to rock some floral and high slits this spring.

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