10 relatable quotes from Daria

Hey loves, One show that many don’t talk about, is the 90s show Daria. She is witty, sarcastic, and realistic.  Things myself and most people can relate to. Now this show has underlying messages it tries to send in creative ways. The show is defiantly recommended. In this blog I will give a few quotes … Read more10 relatable quotes from Daria

10 Questions you need to be asking when SERIOUSLY dating.

“STAY SINGLE UNTIL SOMEONE ACTUALLY COMPLIMENTS YOUR LIFE IN A WAY THAT MAKES IT BETTER TO NOT BE SINGLE. IF NOT IT’S NOT WORTH IT. “ Hey loves welcome back, Now you may think you know the questions off the bat โ€œdo you have goalsโ€ or โ€œTurn on and turn-offsโ€ but that is just small … Read more10 Questions you need to be asking when SERIOUSLY dating.


“Though it’s been many years since I last saw it, I’ll always remember that even my first impression was one of fear and wonder. My childhood was soon to be lost, my innocence shattered, and all our dreams destroyed by what we would find within.” Welcome back to another Slow Sunday! Ok, So I usually … Read moreSLOW SUNDAY: FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC

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