Right Person, Wrong time? Is this real?

“Right guy, wrong time. Right time, wrong guy. New guy, old lines. Old guy, new lies. I just cant choose.”- Unknown

So there has been a debate on twitter of whether “right person, wrong timing ” is actually a thing. Honestly I believe it all depends on the person perspective on life. But me, personally, I believe this to be true. Now I am not psychic, but there was this guy I met in college and he was amazing. He treated me like a queen even when I acted like I didn’t care. And it was not the fact that I didn’t care, it was the simple fact that I was not ready for him. I am not the person to lead someone on especially when I am not willing to reciprocate those feelings. At the point in my life, I was being hard headed and on liked the attention of assholes who did not care about me. And despite that, he still showed me nothing but love. But everyone has their breaking point, and I think I may have pushed him to his.

F22A3EA2-25EA-47CF-BB27-B29D85001E3B.JPGWho knows, maybe he’s my soulmate, but I was just not ready for him and the time, and he’s also has been in relationships throughout this but things didn’t workout with them. That’s why I do believe in right person, wrong time. Both people need to be in the right place in their life where they’re like, “yea, I could fit a relationship into my life right now”. The mindset of “let’s try this out”. 

There have been studies that have shown’ men organize their life like waffles while women organize theirs like spaghetti. Women are always open to having a relationship because everything in their life coincides, we’re good at multitasking. Men have to fully be ready to commit. They are more about achieving one goal at a time. They have to make room for you , so just think you may have met the right guy but, his priority at the moment was not a relationship.


No matter how much you try you can of course. I want to be ready for a relationship. Although both of you in your mind may want to be ready for their relationship. If your life does not fit into the vision, they’re going to have to move on without you. Maybe in the future you guys will find your way back to each other, but if your life is not ready then you are not ready. Forcing it will not only ruin both of your lives but it will ruin the feelings that you both have for each other and you do not want that.

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We are in the age where many of us are just now figuring out who we are and what we want to do with our lives. This includes moving and what we look for in a person. We also need to mature because there is nothing worse than being in a relationship with someone who lacks maturity. It does nothing but waste time and feeling to be honest.Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 9.43.33 PM.png

Many may argue….is it this true? Their reasoning is the fact that “if it is truly the right person then anytime is the right time”. I just cannot agree with this. How in the world do you think that a relationship is always going to come at the right time with both people completely ready to be great or potentially end up with a broken heart if it is not ready. I think hopeless romantics think like that. You know the ones who think Prince Charming is suppose to come save them and they live happily ever after. In reality, you save yourself. You prepare yourself for the person you’re meant to be with. Put in the work before you even meet the person. 

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As I get older I realize the pressure that this generations puts on relationships and not in a good way. It feels like a lot of the relationships are forced and people are in them just to say that they are in one and on top of that the relationship is holding on for dear life due to betrayal and incompatibility. Here’s what upsets me most, those in relationships are talking down on others (single and happy) because they don’t have anyone, meanwhile their man is like a city bus giving rides to everyone. Now thats what I call “Wrong person, right time”. Truth hurts. That person came in at the right time, which is when you’re vulnerable, manipulated your emotions a little bit and now you’re stuck. 

I don’t know if I did but if I did miss out on a good guy, I learned my lesson and I am growing from the experience. If it is truly meant to be with a person, you will always find your way back to another, but in the meantime, work on your dreams and goals.


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