Do looks matter?

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Looks matter? If you’re a woman, you know that looks matter. You’ve seen the ads on TV and in magazines: “You’re going to look better than sexiest woman alive!” or “The perfect man is out there waiting for you!” But what if we told you that these same people are also saying that men fall … Read moreDo looks matter?

The Lazy Women ‘s Way to Build Confidence

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Build that Confidence Are you shy, awkward, and feel like the world is passing you by? Don’t worry! You can still be confident and happy without changing who you are. I am going to teach you how to build confidence in yourself. Posture First, you need to get into a good posture. Now, this might … Read moreThe Lazy Women ‘s Way to Build Confidence

My Top tips for applying perfume

I am here with a beauty post! I know it has been awhile but I can’t forget about my beauty babes💕 Introduction The perfect perfume needs to be worn in the right way. You should apply it in the morning and cover it up with a sweater after, but there are some things you can … Read moreMy Top tips for applying perfume

Dating People Who Won’t Look Past Your Physical Attributes Sucks

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What a strange illusion it is to assume beauty is goodness Introduction Its already hard enough to meet genuine people in the current dating pool. But meeting superficial people with bad intentions is the cherry on top. I’ve had my fair share of people who just wanted me as a trophy. But I’ve learned that … Read moreDating People Who Won’t Look Past Your Physical Attributes Sucks

Looks Attract, Personality Keep

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Is appearance everything? Do they influence if someone is attracted to you? There are a lot of variables at play when someone falls for you. But what matters the most? Let’s discuss what I found out. Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception, my lovelies! It’s always wonderful to have a leisurely Sunday and have … Read moreLooks Attract, Personality Keep

The Best 5 Drugstore Skincare Products

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We have all purchased some kind of beauty product from a drugstore, despite what many don’t like to admit. It is true that a quick trip to the drug store leads us to purchasing items that we are not necessarily in need of right now. Well I do have a few drugstore faves that I … Read moreThe Best 5 Drugstore Skincare Products

4 of the Best Romantic-Themed Lipsticks

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Hey, loves welcome back to Joi‘s journey of perception. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. There are many who dislike this holiday, and I understand that. I completely understand your feelings, but this holiday isn’t just for couples. It’s a holiday invented by the government to make money for corporate corporations. We live in a society that … Read more4 of the Best Romantic-Themed Lipsticks

Ootd 👗

Hey loves and welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception! Today I wanted to stop in and do an outfit of the day post! Though the weather is gloomy and dark outside, I did not want my outfit to reflect that. So, I have been adding more pops of color rather than wearing all black … Read moreOotd 👗

My Favorite Outfits Thus Far 2021

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Express yourself

Hey Loves and Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception!

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assorted apparel and accessories for dress sewing in tailor atelier
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My Love of Fashion

To those who are new, what you should know, is that I love everything to do with fashion. I love how everyone has their own styles, that express who they are as a person. Subscribing below will keep you updated on my fashion journey. 

This Year

Although we are slowly moving forward from this pandemic, I still enjoyed dressing up. In this post, I wanted to take a look at some looks thus far. Let’s Get Started.


January happens to be my birthday month. Now, since that is one of the coldest months of the year, I do still like to go all out. I had on a black turtleneck crop top with striped slacks. I then wore black booties.


The Second biggest red themed month. I decided to treat myself this month. You know, date myself. Here we are. In this picture I had on a simple red dress. I think I wanted my makeup to do the talking. As you can tell, I put red eyeshadow on my brows. I loved it and that’s all that matters.


I love two pieces because the outfit is easy to put together from that. Can we say Spring?


Here we are with another outfit that I would have never thought to wear. I had a guy friend put it together and tell me to give it a try. This would fall in the Whimsical category. Love this two piece floral set.


April Showers bring May flowers. Where I stay, it takes a bit for the weather to change. So, I paired an oversized black denim jacket, with a white two piece. Inspiration coming from Selena.


It was my best friends birthday and we had to step out. I decided to do a color I rarely wear. I’m not a huge fan of Orange. This satin one piece sufficed. You can find it at Akira.


What a surprise. Another two piece. Put in theme with the party I went to. It was Island theme. The material wasn’t too heavy. I love the snake skin pattern. What made the outfit stand out was the accessories. The belly chain, anklet, and necklace did me justice.


Take a big guess what this outfit is lol. A TWO PIECE. All black per usual. I love the color black and feel everyone looks good in it. EVERYONE! The mesh heels pulled this look together, along with the beret.


I decided to visit a garden before meeting up with friends for a festival. I paired a basic pair of jeans with a solid white button down and jean corset. Simple but cute.

I love fashion

When it comes to clothes, this is the way I express myself and I have my mom to thank. If you enjoyed reading. Definitely subscribe for more posts like this.

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Must Have Items for your Makeup Bag

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Hey Loves and Welcome Back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. Today is for the gworls. I’ll talk about the makeup essentials you need in your bag. Makeup can be intimidating, especially if you are new to it. Despite the fact that I am not a professional, my makeup has gotten me compliments. Here are some … Read moreMust Have Items for your Makeup Bag

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