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Dating People Who Won’t Look Past Your Physical Attributes Sucks

What a strange illusion it is to assume beauty is goodness


Its already hard enough to meet genuine people in the current dating pool. But meeting superficial people with bad intentions is the cherry on top. I’ve had my fair share of people who just wanted me as a trophy. But I’ve learned that they’re the problem not me. As you can tell by the title, we’re getting deep today! Subscribe below and enjoy this read.

room with potted plant near mirror and table
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It sucks when people only want to date you for your body.

It sucks when people only want to date you for your physical attributes. It’s a sad reality, but there are some people who will only date someone if they’re hot, thin, and have all the same traits as them. If this sounds familiar to you then it might be time to reevaluate what kind of person you really want in your life.

You are more than just how hot or skinny or pretty/handsome/handsome/whatever else it is that makes up who we are as humans. If someone thinks otherwise then chances are they haven’t gotten close enough with anyone else to know better yet!

You’re tired of being defined by your looks.

You’re tired of being defined by your looks.

Also, tired of being treated like a trophy to be won, or a prize to be won. You deserve better than that!

You don’t understand why people can’t see past your weight, skin tone, or other physical attributes. You’re so much more than that.

You don’t understand why people can’t see past your weight, skin tone, or other physical attributes. Everyone is so much more than that.

You are a person, not just a body. The way you look should never be the only thing people focus on when they meet you. But it’s inevitable that people will judge others based on how they look in comparison to themselves. The fact is: that no one was born with perfect proportions, flawless skin tone, and hair color! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change something about yourself (like weight).

If all other aspects of their personality aren’t up for discussion then why bother?

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What benefits them!

Only when he came with me do I remember this guy since he was so eager to take advantage of the rewards. He refused to look at my personality, my character, or anything else that made me who I am. He only saw my luxury. After I broke things off with them, he returns and claims he only wants to be friends. I accepted his offer to be an associate. And later on, he stated that he wished he had known me sooner since I am genuinely a “dope” person. When looking for a significant partner, knowing that is the most crucial information is incredibly sad. Because so many people claim that appearance doesn’t matter.

People frequently ponder why “beautiful girls” are frequently duped. It’s because they were never truly loved by the person. Only enjoyed observing them and the benefits they bring. Also known as respect and status from their boys.

You wonder if it’s going to be easier to find dates once you lose weight because skinny is better, right?

If you’re thinking about dating someone who is overweight, read this:

  • You are not your body. Your physical appearance does not define you as a person. You are more than your physical attributes. And if someone doesn’t like them, then they aren’t going to like YOU either!
  • You shouldn’t base your entire relationship on how much weight/height/length of hair etc.; one person may feel attracted to another because of these things but maybe their other qualities make them feel more comfortable in their skin (gay or straight).
  • Being skinny isn’t always better than being fat for everyone; some people find that being overweight makes them feel more confident in themselves whereas others might prefer not having curves on their body at all times because then they can wear whatever clothes fit best around those curves! It’s all about finding what works best for YOU so go ahead and experiment with different styles until find out which suits YOUR needs best 🙂

But when you think about losing weight, you feel like a failure because you can’t keep working at it. This is yet another way people make you feel bad about yourself.

When you’re overweight, it’s easy to feel like a failure. You can’t lose weight no matter what you do or how hard you try. This is a common misconception in the general public and it leads people who are struggling with their weight to feel bad about themselves and give up on their goals.

But when someone tells me they’d like to lose weight but don’t think they will be able to keep it off? I feel differently—for several reasons:

  • First of all, if someone has been overweight for most of their life, then there’s nothing wrong with them being unable/unwilling to change that fact just because some people tell them otherwise; everyone has different circumstances at different points in time (and sometimes even afterward). Plus-size individuals often experience discrimination from society and employers because companies want thin models instead of plus-sized ones. But those same companies don’t really care whether these models stay skinny or put on weight later down the line either way! So why should anyone else expect anything less than what we were given by nature?
  • Second: If someone wants something badly enough despite knowing how much work would go into getting there. Then maybe all those obstacles aren’t stopping them after all?! Maybe all those barriers have just made us stronger instead…

People who only date you for your physical attributes are being superficial and aren’t worth dating.

People who only date you for your physical attributes are being superficial and aren’t worth dating.

You are so much more than your physical attributes, and anyone who doesn’t see that is a fool. It’s also important to note that weight and skin tone don’t matter; what matters most is how well you can handle life’s ups and downs together. If someone wants nothing but sex from their partner, then they shouldn’t be dating at all. They should just hook up or whatever else people do when they’re bored!


In conclusion. Looks don’t pay the bills. Don’t be a terrible person to someone because you only want them for looks. You’re playing with peoples emotions.

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