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Why Men Act Mean to Get Over You

Men act mean and push you away when someone new is in the picture

Men are not the only ones who can be mean. Women can be just as bad! In fact, according to research done by Dr. Jane Greer, women are more likely than men to say they’re “mean” when they break up with someone. So what gives? Well, here’s a quick breakdown of some reasons why women act mean. But first, subscribe below.\

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They want to get back together with you.

Men are afraid to tell you that they still like you. They don’t want to get hurt again. Also, are afraid that you’ll reject them when they finally do tell you that they want more. They just want to keep their options open in case the relationship ends badly. So if it does, it’s alright as long as she finds someone else soon enough.

Also consider this: Men who act mean during a breakup are often trying to make sure that their ex-girlfriend isn’t happy with her new relationship by causing trouble between her and her new boyfriend or husband (if she has one). This can also be seen through an attempt at manipulation. They may try convincing both parties into breaking up by telling them how awful each other is/was/will be over email. Or social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger (which are both owned by Facebook).

They want to use you.

  • They want to use you.

There are many reasons why a guy would act mean and hurtful towards someone, but the most common one is that he’s trying to get over an ex so he can move on with his life. If your ex has dumped him for good and moved on with another guy. This means that she broke up with him because of something she didn’t like about him (or maybe even just because there was no chemistry between them). But if you were supposed to break up with him instead of he. Then chances are good that he’ll feel bitter about this decision too. And when someone’s feeling bitter and angry all the time, they tend not only not be able to think clearly but also prone toward impulsive behavior such as anger-fueled rages at anyone who steps into their path!

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They think of you as a friend.

Just because you’re friends doesn’t mean you aren’t still in love with each other. Men often don’t want to admit they are in love with someone because they are afraid of being rejected and losing the friendship that came out of their relationship.

Men may also think that admitting their true feelings will make them seem weak, or worse—crazy! So instead of admitting his true feelings towards you (which could lead him to take action), he’ll act meaner than ever just so he can keep up appearances.

They are jealous.

If you’re a woman who has been the victim of a mean man, you know how it feels when he acts badly toward you. It’s like someone reached into your body and grabbed all the tender parts inside. The ones that make us feel vulnerable and scared.

The first thing to understand about these types of men is that they don’t actually mean any harm by their actions. These guys just want revenge or attention from someone else (in this case, from their exes). While this insight may help with understanding why men act mean in genera. It doesn’t explain why some men do it specifically when there are no other women around for them to get back at or make jealous.

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They want to make themselves feel better.

You may have heard that men are the worst, but it’s not true. We do sometimes act like jerks just to make ourselves feel better about our own feelings and behaviors. It’s important to remember that a breakup can be hard for both parties involved. However, there are ways for men who want to get over someone quickly.

First off: Men don’t always mean what they say! They may say “I hate you” or “I want nothing more than for us never see each other again,” but underneath all those words lies an inner conflict of how much he really loves you. And how much he doesn’t care about you anymore because his feelings were hurt when things ended between the two of you (or even before). Think about this situation from his perspective: He feels horrible because everything went wrong with his relationship (you broke up with him). Then blames himself for being such an idiot in the first place…which makes him feel even worse because now he’s doubting everything else in life too!

They feel hurt and angry.

Men are more emotional than women. They can get hurt and angry when they’re rejected. This much harder for them to deal with than that a woman. Men often feel like their feelings are too big for other people to handle, so if you don’t want him to be mean to you. It’s best if he doesn’t get too attached either (he’ll just end up feeling hurt or angry).

Men are also more sensitive to rejection and abandonment than women. This means that men may act meaner after being dumped because those feelings stay with them longer than those of a woman would.

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Men often act mean in order to play with your emotions, especially during breakups.

Men often act mean in order to play with your emotions, especially during breakups. They want to get back together with you and use you as a friend. They think of you as a friend, but this time they will try not to feel jealous or hurt. Because they don’t want their feelings for each other to be exposed by their actions towards others (you).

Men are also very expressive when it comes down to displaying anger or pain; thus giving off vibes that make women believe that they’re not really mad at them anymore! It’s all an act so that the man can feel better about himself after being rejected by another woman. Which is why he probably won’t tell anyone about how much he loves his ex-girlfriend. Just because she broke up with him over text message instead of calling her first thing in the morning before going out for breakfast together like old times.”


When a man acts mean, it’s usually because they want something from you. They have something to prove and they need to feel better about themselves. Even if it involves messing with your emotions. It sounds scary but the best thing is that men are not as bad as we think! You can tell them how you feel without getting hurt. Maybe if he realizes how he’s being destructive then he will stop doing so in the future

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