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Why aren’t certain women submissive?

Why aren’t certain women submissive?

Why are some women submissive? This article explains why and suggests some ways to teach healthy, respectful, and loving submission to women in your life. The word “submissive” is often used to describe women who are “feminine” and “passive.” However, this is not the case. Read on to learn more. There is an ongoing dialogue about why certain groups of women aren’t submissive. Today I am going to talk about that concept.

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What does it mean to be submissive?

Submissiveness is not the same as weakness. It’s not the same as obedience, passivity, or compliance. It’s simply a state of being: you’re submissive if and only if your actions reflect that fact. If you’re submissive, then I can rely on your actions in life because they will reflect your values and attitudes about yourself and others; if you are strong-willed or dominant in nature, then my request for something from you may go unfulfilled (because those qualities will prevent me from getting what I need). The point here isn’t really about being “weak” or “strong,” but rather about having an understanding of yourself that guides how we interact with one another—and ourselves—in our daily lives

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Who are the women who are submissive?

Who are the women who are submissive?

It’s a good question. The answer is, as you might expect: feminine women. Women who act like they’re in control of their lives and what happens to them (or not). They’re also typically not aggressive or bossy—at least if they’re any good at being submissive! But we need to change that narrative. Women who are deemed “masculine” haven’t been put in the position to be able to be “feminine”.

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What can determine if a woman is submissive or not?

There are many factors that determine whether a woman is submissive or not. The first one is the relationship dynamic. It’s important to note that there is no such thing as “submissive” or “dominant” in every relationship. Each person has different personality traits and their own way of interacting with others, which can be very different from what you expect from your partner. For example, if someone has always been more dominant than people would expect based on their appearance or upbringing (like being raised by parents who were always strict), then they might have trouble accepting this trait in a partner because it doesn’t fit within their idea of what’s expected from them at home or work; therefore having difficulty accepting other people’s perceived traits when it comes down to having sex with them!

Another factor that influences how much power each party holds over another person’s life is social context: who else knows about this situation between two individuals? Who knows how close those two people are friends/acquaintances beforehand? Do they live together? Are they separated but still hooking up regularly enough so that any romantic feelings could develop into something more serious down the line? These questions may seem insignificant at first glance but ultimately affect how comfortable both parties feel during an intimate encounter between them because there will always be someone watching over both participants’ shoulders while they’re having sex—even if only indirectly through third parties via email correspondence etcetera…

Should a man expect his woman to be submissive?

Should a man expect his woman to be submissive?

Of course not. A submissive woman is not necessarily weak, wimpy, or powerless. She can be strong and assertive in her own right—and if you know how and when to ask for what you want, she’ll be happy to oblige your wishes (and yours).

A lot of people think that being submissive means being weak-willed and helpless; this isn’t true at all! In fact, it’s quite the opposite: submitting to someone means giving them permission over something that doesn’t belong solely within their sphere of influence—like who gets your attention or which friends they see more often than others do (or even whether or not they get invited along). It also means trusting another person completely with regard  to their desires because as long as those desires align with yours then everything should work out fine between us both!

Can women learn how to be more submissive towards their men?

It’s not just the men who can learn how to be more submissive. The women need to be willing, too. It takes a lot of work and time to change our attitudes and behaviors, but it can be done! If you want to become more submissive, then keep reading because I’m going to give you some tips on how best to do this in your life right now.

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First off: Your attitude toward femininity needs an overhaul if you want men (and yourself) to treat you as a submissive partner rather than as someone who wants things their way all the time. You may have heard that women should be feminine so they attract men who are masculine. However, this doesn’t mean being “feminine” means wearing pink or playing with dolls all day long. It means being comfortable with your sexuality from top-to-bottom instead of trying desperately hard every chance possible not only look like a woman but act like one too

Know what it means to be submissive, and don’t assume that because she’s not, something is wrong.

If you’re a man, and you see a woman sitting quietly and waiting for your next command, don’t assume that she’s submissive because of it. The opposite is true: if a woman doesn’t feel like she needs to take charge in social situations, then it’s not because she lacks intelligence or independence. She just has other priorities than making sure everyone likes her (or thinks highly of her). And don’t get these ideas confused with what people think about submission as an orientation. The terms are different!

In The end

Only surrender to a man who is deserving of your submission. Someone who lacks leadership skills cannot expect you to comply. Men don’t have a right to a submissive spouse. For each person, submitting will mean something different. I’m interested in hearing your opinions on this ongoing conversation. Submit a comment below and let me know.

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