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A Letter to my Younger Self

We all had preconceived notions of who we would be as adults. Maybe we all imagined that we would be the exact opposite of who we were when we were younger. Perhaps a few of us wished we could channel our inner superhero. Whether we succeeded in our goals or not, we all had them. We were hopeful. I want to send a letter to my younger self today. I’m just getting a read on my former and present selves. If you’re new around here, I like to write posts that make you think and encourage growth. So make sure you’ve subscribed to receive notifications whenever a new post is published.

The Letter

Joi Joi,

I’m you from the future. Between the time I played with Barbie dolls and the time I had to essentially take care of myself, a lot of things happened. But I do want you to know that I have developed into the person you felt most secure around. When you feel alone, I want to be the one you can turn to.

Or the individual who understands your emotions because not a lot of people do. I’m still writing and carrying on my mother’s heritage. Just keep believing that I’ll act in my own best interests, please.

The planet has experienced a great deal of both good and negative events. Let’s simply say that the government is not on our side, yet we do have to acknowledge that they are not always making the best choices for the entire planet. We’re kind of in a situation right now where we have to be serious and fear for our lives. However, when it comes to writing, you are still pursuing your aspirations.

According to the emails and comments, you now have your own blog and are helping a lot of people. You’re still looking for who you are in the business world and what your purpose in life is. You have some strong contenders even though you haven’t yet discovered love. Let’s hope one of them proves to be the proper choice.

Just wanted to let you know that although things will eventually improve, I think you would be pleased with where I am at the moment. So don’t worry about anything; life will go on, and the things you learn will benefit someone else in addition to you.

Sincerely Yours

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