Letter to my younger self (Celebrating my 25th BIRTHDAY)


Welcome back loves!!! Today is my Birthday! I can’t believe that I am already 25 year young. I tend to do a lot of thinking and me and my friend Morgan were talking and she said I should do a post on pieces of advice I would give my younger self. Is at back for a minute and thought….wow this could be a deep post if I make it.

So, younger me had body issues. My self-esteem was low when it came to looking in the mirror. I would stop eating just to lose weight because I didn’t feel good about myself. The way I feel about my body now, I would tell younger Joi that my body is perfect the way it is. Although my body is not what society deems as perfect I’ve learned to grow and accept what I have. I really do get compliments on my body and I think it has a lot to do with me excepting that it is the way it is. I work hard to maintain how it looks and I will tell younger Joi that it is fine stop trying to change it.

Another thing that I would tell myself, is that changes OK. As much change that I have been through in my life I would say that everything happens for a specific reason and I would not be where I was if it didn’t happen. One decision can completely change your life and that is OK. I’ve been hurt, happy, betrayed, and so many other adjectives to describe the ups and downs of life. Who knew that it would just be a blessing in disguise?Younger Joi was always concerned about the future which tend to stress me out to the point where I could enjoy being young. Although I’m still learning how to live in the present I am doing better than I was when I was younger when it comes to accepting change.



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Happy Birthday Joi

This next piece of advice that I would give myself really is something that I’m struggling to learn. I would tell younger Joi that not everyone has the same heart. Seeing as how much I’ve had taken from me at such an early age, I’ve always been the type of person who loves to give. Sometimes I give too much to people who aren’t deserving. So I would tell my younger self to have my guard up and be wary about people‘s true intentions. This is something I am still working on.

I would also tell myself that cutting your hair when you’re going through a hard time in life is normal but you may regret it so think carefully before you make a big decision that involves your appearance. LOL

Also side-note Joi, that boy you were in “love” with in high school, is not going to be in your life forever or at least not at age 25. We’ll se what happens, but right now, let’s just say, you went down two different paths.

The last lesson I would tell myself is everyone is not going to stay in your life forever. And I know that’s a hard pill to swallow but the sooner you learn that the better that person you’re holding on dearly to is either meant to be there for a season or is there for a reason so go with the flow.

You know that bibliography that you started writing about your life?! Let’s just say you have so many more amazing exciting and funny stories to add to it. So Joi enjoy life as hard as it is for you not to have control of that I’ll come try to enjoy it! And enjoy this next chapter! Happy 25th birthday!You know that

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