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A Conversation We Must Have

We must communicate! I know it’s a term that everyone despises hearing, but this is a conversation that needs to end since it’s been going on for far too long. There was a discussion about guys spreading memes on the Internet. “Can’t wait to lie for my son and girl, ain’t nobody permitted in my house but you,” the meme added humor to it. This was done as a joke, but a lot of girls agreed with it and were serious about it, and I was disgusted. People throw in a “lol” thinking it will smooth things over.

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Real Talk

What are my thoughts?

Now, I’d want to share my personal thoughts on the subject. Yes! First and foremost, why do you find this conduct adorable or amusing? You’re grooming your sons to be the men who harmed you. And for what, exactly? Being the “cool mom.” I want to be there for my children and give them the impression that they can talk to me about anything, but I will not allow them to treat or break someone else’s heart the way my own has been broken in the past. I won’t be raising any Heartbreakers.

Let’s Call A Spade a Spade

Any mother who does this, I believe, secretly wishes to retain her child for herself. Many mothers use their sons as a kind of retaliation for how they were treated as children. Like, mature! You should want to raise your children to be better than you were in terms of how they treated others.

This is the problem with today’s society. So many people are attempting to retaliate against others by doing tit for tat. Nothing will change, and people will always be in a state of fight or flight.

Personal Growth

I don’t want you to bring any female around me unless you’re serious about her, my future son. Because you can bet I’m not lying to you. It’s a top-secret plan to meet the parents. In that case, I’m not sure why I let the ball drop.

Don’t bring every female you’re having an affair with around your family and other key people in your life. Setting unrealistic standards for your partners is a bad idea.
If you all agree, please let me know!

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