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Quora Q & A pt. 2

Hey loves and welcome back to my blog! It is time for another part of my favorite series where I answer a bunch of random questions about random things. Disclaimer I do want to let you know that I will be giving my opinion and everyone does have one.

So take my opinion with the grain of salt and let me know in the comment what your opinion is. Also, be sure to subscribe to my blog for more posts like this! I love hearing feedback from you all so don’t be afraid to give some!

Is male friendship better than female friendship?

I honestly think it depends on the friendship. Gender doesn’t always play a role when it comes to certain relationships you have with people. I have genuine friendships with men as well as genuine friendships with women. Each serves a purpose in my life that helps me grow. Choose your friends wisely!

Why is it necessary to have friends?

Although we came to this earth by ourselves, we all really don’t need somebody. It’s just how we have become as a society. Friends have an influence on the way we maneuver through life. This is why we are able to do certain things or grow as people.

What are some lessons that life teaches you?

There are a couple that comes to mind:

The person that cares the least wins in life. No matter what people think or say, there is nothing wrong with caring about something.

If you fail a lesson, life will continue to make you repeat it until you learn.

Money is the root of all evil. Money and power.

Yes dating is fun but, you should be dating for a reason, or in the end, no one wins.

Why do people cheat on their partners?

As a result, I have little respect for people who cheat on their partners. Why would you betray someone who has placed so much faith in you only for a moment’s pleasure? People cheat on their relationships due to a lack of self-control and a low sense of self-worth. Whatever anyone else says, it isn’t what’s wrong, and it isn’t anything to normalize. I’ve never cheated on anyone, but I have been taken advantage of. Simply said, people, cheat on their partners because they desire it. There are no excuses for people cheating on their partners when they might have taken a simpler step and broken up with them.

Do men have soul ties?

When it comes to whether or not two people believe in soul ties, the vote is now split. But, for myself, I believe you have soul bonds since, when I reflect on my interactions with individuals, a couple of them were abusive. Do males have soul ties, I have a question? Because not every guy is the same, and I’m not a man, I’ll only talk about what I’ve seen. And, for all the credit we give men for not having soul ties with individuals they “don’t care about,” I believe they do have soul ties with a few people. You can’t keep being with someone and not have some sort of bond with them. Whether it’s emotional, spiritual, or mental. It’s an energy exchange and you guys are switching/sharing energy. So yes I do believe men who are also humans, create soul ties.

When it comes to getting to know someone, I believe these are some terrific conversation starters. So, whether you’re dating someone or just talking with friends, I hope you bring this up in conversation. Please let me know what you think.

I want to know

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