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20 Pieces of Advice for those in their early 20s

“Nobody knows anything when they are in their midtwenties.” 

― Matthew Quick, The Good Luck of Right Now


Hey Loves!

So, I wanted to do a post on a subject that I wish more people talked about when I was younger. If you have found this post, welcome to your 20s are the best part of your life. I think its the toughest for the simple fact that we are trying to figure ourselves out and what we want in life. Also, there is so much responsibility put on us while those older than us still treat us as children.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you can relate. You also try to get over that hurdle of compassion because you feel that you should be at a different place than you are. Now, that is a different discussion we need to have.

On today’s post, I wanted to give some tips for you all who are in their early 20’s.

Let’s get started!

Emotions are Okay

Growing up, many of us were told to suppress our emotions. Which is very toxic. Like why are we expected to be happy 24/7, if we’re given other emotions. I remember always being told to smile, even when I was clearly upset. People have go to stop telling us to smile all the time. Feel your emotions so you aren’t letting them build up.

Stop Living for your Parents

There are so many parents who want you to fulfill their dreams or follow in their footsteps. But I have learned that this is my life and just because they couldn’t fulfill their dreams doesn’t mean you have to. Just because they lived life safe doesn’t mean you have to. Do what makes you happy.

People Will Only Treat You the way You Allow them

I am the type of person who is nice until people push me to my breaking point. There are people out there who will only take advantage of you because they know you do not have boundaries.

“…my twenties, which I’d treated with a cast-down-your-bucket-where-you-are approach, had thus far only brought me a string of men who were all very sad about some quality in themselves that they had no intention of making any effort to change.” 

― Danielle Evans, The Office of Historical Corrections

Save Money (Budget)

It is never too early to start saving (putting away) money. You never know when you will have car issues or some other sort of emergency. Be sure to put away at least $5 each payment that you receive. It will make a big difference. Even if that means visiting Starbucks less.


Although this pandemic is very much annoying, you should see the world. I know so many people who have not been out of their city. Please do not be that person. Go see the world and learn about other cultures.

Don’t be Afraid to Quit a job You Do Not Like

20 Something

A Hard Season

We all go through this season. A season of gaining wisdom and experiencing things.

“There’s no right way to be twenty-five. Because there’s no one, single, specific way to be human. As long as you keep your eyes open, as long as you keep trying new things and working hard and refusing to accept mediocrity as your fate, you will be okay. You will be happy. You will be exactly where you’re supposed to be.” 
― Thought Catalog, Read This If: A Collection of Essays that Prove Someone Else Gets it, Too

A Brush of Perfection

Be Bold, Be Daring

Don’t Be Afraid to Quit a job you hate

Our elders hate the idea of our generation quitting a job we do not like. My generation refuses to settle on careers and that’s what I love about us. I once had someone older than me tell me that jobs don’t like anyone who quits a lot of hobs. So, they would make me feel bad for leaving a job that didn’t treat me well or paid me terribly.

Find a Passion

While having a job you love, piggybacking off number 6, you should have something that you love to do. It should be something that gets you excited to wake up.


Now, this may sound bad, like you’re using people, but you’re not. There are just people that can help you.

Stay on Your Health

Although we’re “in our prime”, according to society, you need to be taking care of yourself. This means spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Take care of your skin.

This goes along with number 9, your skin shows your age. Take proper precaution.

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Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.


is the one that I am still trying to learn. I hate not knowing where my life is going, but we need to be fine with not having control.

Learn Necessary Skills

You would be surprised by how many people do not know basic life skills. Like cooking and cleaning. They like the whole gender roles idea, which is stupid. Everyone needs these skills.

Take Risks

Our 20s are for mistakes. We are still very much young. It is fine to make mistakes and not be perfect.

Get a 401K Started

This one is self explanatory. Invest in your future. Have some what of a plan.

Buy Insurance

Here is an adult responsibility. FInd affordable health, life, dental, and eyes are.

Take Peoples Advice with a Grain of Salt

Some advice is good. However, you need to take it with caution. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. Jealousy is a thing. trust me, I learned this the hard way.

Find Yourself

A lot of us were programed to be the person who raised us to be. This is the time to unlearn some things and find our true self.

Invest in your hobbies

Okay, so this is touchy because I am one who believes in making money for something you’re good at, but at the same time, I do not want something you love to do, to turn into work. Get two hobbies, one to make money, and one to do for enjoyment!

Put Yourself First

Society starts us off at a young age telling us to put others first. And while I agree we should help others, we can’t keep neglecting ourselves. There are just certain my times you need to come first. Start off with creating boundaries first.

Keep Learning

You should never stop learning. I don’t care if you’re not in school. Find an interest and learn more about it.

Let me know in the comments below what your skin care routine is! Also, be sure to like, subscribe, comment, and share with a friend. I will see you all in the next post.

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