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5 Great Places to Meet Someone

The dating pool is very very murky. At least that’s what a lot of people think. Despite what you have experienced or have been told, there are a few good ones left. So I’m gonna give you a few ideas of where to meet somebody besides the club. Not only can you enjoy yourself, but you can find someone that you may enjoy as well. If you are new here be sure to subscribe below because I do a lot of posts like this and you do not want to miss out.

Top Golf

Despite many people thinking that golf is boring. Topgolf is actually very fun. And a lot of guys find golfing very relaxing. So not only you can find any excuse to ask a guy for help on your swing, but you can also enjoy yourself in a less nerve-racking environment. I promise you you will have fun.


There are many people who do not appreciate written art. Bookstores are slowly fading away, unfortunately. There are a few of us who do appreciate it. There’s nothing like finding a person at the bookstore who can carry on an intelligent conversation because they read. You were sure to find a guy who doesn’t do surface-level talk.

Sports Game

There’s nothing like having a common agreement on what time you want to win a game. Many people are into sports. But that’s a great way to bond with someone that you potentially have feelings for. I happen to like sports so it just makes the conversation even more fun.

The Gym

discovering different ways that your body can move. But you can also meet someone who is doing the exact same thing. Who knows they may even give you a tip on how to do better.

Check it Out

If you have any questions you want to be answered or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We’ll get back to you soon.

Bar (upscale)

I’m not saying go to the club and get a drink ordered by a random guy that is hitting on you. They’re upscale bars were a lot of business men or men were looking to make business moves go to relax after a long hard day at work. These are great places to have conversations with other people and maybe even network if you’re not looking to get in a relationship.

Trust me, I have so many places where you can meet somebody without it seeming forced. So if you want me to do another post like this be sure to give this post a thumbs up. Don’t forget to share, like, comment, and subscribe below. I look forward to seeing you in the next post.


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