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“It’s Never Too Late To Start Over”

Excerpt From: Thought Catalog. “The Art Of Letting Go.” Apple Books.

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Here I am to continue talking about great points from this months Book. Be sure to check out those post. I want us all to grow together.

Good thing to remember

Life is imperfect

Life is not perfect and you must remember that. What makes life amazing is the fact that it doesn’t always go our way. It would be so boring if it did.

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hot coffee and pancakes
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There is no rewind but you can always restart

Thee author talks of the importance of letting of old habits and people of the past. I have realized that once I started doing this, I began progressing in life. My skin is clear, my hair is thick, and I am just happy. I was using so much energy trying to upkeep friendships and relationships that were one sided. Do not do that!


Along with the world, we are constantly changing. “Reshape. Remold. Reconnect.”

Your love interests

A little detail about this, the older you get, the wiser you become. You will not be attracted to some things and people. This is normal.

Your Goals

A little detail about this, once you find yourself. You find what you like to do and why you were placed on this Earth.

Your Friends

A little detail about this. Since you are constantly changing, so will your friend group and that is okay. It does not have to be beef, you guys are just going your own way.

Your Perspective

The more you learn and grow, the more your outlook on life will change. It’ll be more “what is this trying to teach me” and less “why is this happening to me”.

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