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5 outfits you can wear on a summer date

5 outfits you can wear on a summer date

I’m so excited for summer. I can’t wait to wear all the cute clothes that are in my closet and show off my skin! But even if you’re not a big fan of showing off your shoulders or legs, there’s no reason why you can’t look great no matter what season it is. I compiled a list of five outfits that work great when you’re out on a date in the summer heat. Here’s 5 outfits you can wear on a summer date.

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The LBD.

The LBD, or little black dress, is an essential piece of any wardrobe. It’s perfect for any occasion and can be worn again and again. On a summer date, you want something light and breezy that doesn’t overheat you while you’re out in the sun all day. A long-sleeved LBD will keep your arms covered but still look feminine and flirty–perfect for a daytime date!

To accessorize your LBD on a summer date: add some bright red lipstick to make sure he knows he’s getting lucky later (or just because red lips are always in style). If it’s not too hot outside where you live yet then throw on some sunglasses as well!

The maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are one of the easiest ways to dress up for a summer date. They can be casual or dressy, long or short, plain or patterned and sleeveless or with sleeves. The great thing about maxi dresses is that they’re so versatile–you can wear them on any kind of occasion (from a day trip to the beach to drinks at a club) without feeling like you’re overdressed.

Just make sure you choose something that fits well in order for it not only look flattering but also feel comfortable on your body!

5 outfits you can wear on a summer date

The band tee and jeans.

This is a classic look that can be worn to any summer date. The band tee is one of the most popular clothing items among men, so you’ll always be in good company if you wear one on your date.

The jeans should be of a mid-to-dark wash with some distressing, but they don’t need to be ripped or torn up at all. When it comes to shoes, go for something casual like sneakers or sandals–you want this outfit to feel like something you could throw together in five minutes!

5 outfits you can wear on a summer date

A flowy white top and high-waist skirt.

This look is perfect for a summer date. It’s feminine and flirty, but still casual enough that you can wear it out on the town.

  • White top: You can never go wrong with a flowy white top–you can even layer it over another shirt if you want to make sure that your outfit isn’t too matchy-matchy.
  • High-waist skirt: For this look, I paired my flowy white top with a high-waist skirt that has some fun patterns on it; they’re subtle enough not to distract from the rest of my outfit but also add an interesting element to my overall look!

Accessories: To finish off this look, I added some gold necklaces (one was long enough so that its ends hung down past my chest), some pearl earrings (which really complimented my light brown hair), and black heels with ankle straps so that I could show off some skin without being too risque about it!


Lace is a great way to add a feminine touch to your outfit. It’s also an easy way to add interest and visual interest without being too over-the-top. The lace can be seen as an element that makes the outfit more “formal,” but it can also work well with casual pieces like denim shorts or jeans, which gives you some flexibility in terms of what kind of date you want to go on (a date at home vs one outside).

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These are all great outfits that can work on a summer date!

These are all great outfits that can work on a summer date!

You can wear most of these outfits to a summer date and they will be great. I think they’re all really good for summer dates, too!


So, there you have it! Five outfits that will make you look and feel amazing on your summer dates. We hope that these ideas have inspired you to try something new in your wardrobe this season. Be sure to subscribe!

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