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Birthday Party Ideas


Being that my birthday is coming up, I wanted to do a few days to commemorate the day. I know Birthdays are just a normal day for most people, but I think that everyone should celebrate their life. Life is so short and precious and police you could do is give yourself something that you enjoy now. So below are some team parties that I think that everyone should try at least once in your life and I am considering a few myself this could be party themes for just a gathering with your friend or an actual birthday party theme to celebrate your day of birth. So without further ado let’s get started.

  • white brown and purple petaled flowers

  • burning pink candle against gray background

  • brown and pink doughnut with sprinkles

  • strawberries in a glass containers

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  • jewelry on elegant creased textile

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  • toast decorated with pink flowers on a ceramic plate

    Slider 6

  • food coffee cup table

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  • pink ice cream on white ceramic plate

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  • candy in disco ball

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  • cup of coffee on an opened book

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90s Party

Everyone loves the 90s aesthetic…Why not make it your party theme? For all of my fellow 90s babies, this is a way to relive your childhood.


Now, for all of my winter babies it is really hard for us to have a party that we will enjoy and that you can do a lot with considering the weather. But I think a winter wonderland would be super dope. You can have a hot chocolate bar and a all white attire requirement. We can do all of the winter festivities with the ones that you love.

30, Flirty, and Thriving

This is one of my favorite romantic movies ever. I won’t tell you too much about the movie you would just have to watch it for yourself. But the theme can be pink and glittery and very girly. You can do theme music anything also break out into the dance routine from the thriller music video

Country Theme

For this party you can have country music playing. You can have everyone come in their best western theme clothes. You can do a bonfire as well as food from the south. You can go various ways with this theme. You can even maybe rent out a barn and have a few horses on standby.

Just a few to name

I can definitely do a part two for you all! Let me know which part of you consider doing for a friend or for yourself! Also be sure to like, comment, chair, and follow up from our post like this. I look forward to seeing you on the next post which will be out later tonight 💋


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