Q & A: Quora edition

Hey loves and welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception! I wanted to do something fun today. I’m returning to the reasons I have that tattoo for the reasons we all know. Here are a few questions I took from Quora and answered based on my perspective. If you don’t know what that website is, you’re missing out. You should definitely check it out! So let’s jump into it these questions are rapidly running through people’s minds and a way to get an answer they had to Quora.

Does true love exist?

I think it does. When you find it is a mystery. Also, keep in mind that everyone’s definition of love is different.

How do I forget someone whom I once loved deeply?

I don’t think you can truly forget someone that you once loved deeply. They just become a smaller fraction of importance in your life. They will always remain in your heart, however, you may come across someone that you love even more. So I don’t think you can truly forget them.

What is the worst response to ‘I love you’?

I think the worst response to this phrase, is no response at all. Maybe it’s just me but I love communication. And just assume that you don’t have anything to say to someone saying that you really Spark up questions.

Who would you choose, the one you love or the one who loves you, and why?

See this is a hard question to answer. Just for the simple fact that I know what society wants me to pick, I was having hope that it shouldn’t come to that. I feel like both of you should love each other. The Internet society wants you to choose is the person that loves you. They love to say that you should choose someone who loves you more than you love them. Why does love have to be a game? That’s how people get hurt.

Can you define “love” in one word?

How can I stop loving someone?

If you know that the person doesn’t deserve your love anymore, remind yourself of who you are. Have a mental funeral for the relationship. As cliche as it mind sound. Give yourself time.

What are some top fashion tips for guys?

  • Brown shoes with blue suits always
  • try to step outside the box
  • Pink looks good on men
  • sagging is ugly

Why does fashion matter?

Society already puts us in a boring routine and box. Let this be your way of expressing yourself and breaking away from the status quo.


I had so much fun doing this post. Let me know if you want me to answer more questions in the comments below. Also, be sure to subscribe, like, comment, and share.


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