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Let’s Talk Breakups

We need to discuss it today, boy oh boy. A breakup is hardly the worst possible scenario. like losing a childhood buddy or passing up a job opportunity. However, avoid discussing the impact a bad breakup had on your life. Some breakups, from what I’ve seen, can make people physically ill to the point of being unable to eat. I really wanted to talk about that today because going through a breakup has so many negative impacts. But first, if you’re new here and would want to receive updates on more issues like this in the future that are a bit less serious, make sure you subscribe below.

Top 4 Reasons for Breakups

Lack of Communication

Come on, anyone will go crazy over this. You should speak maturely when expressing your opinions and emotions. These days, a lot of people don’t want to communicate, which leaves an opportunity for speculation. I had dated a man who didn’t want to talk to me or thought we were having an argument all the time. When you get older, you stop believing that every conversation will end in a fight. And a guy is what I enjoy along with it. one who can communicate well and who will allow me to do the same.

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The Feeling of not Being Heard

This ties into the first reason. Even after expressing their sentiments, a person may still believe that they are not being hurt. They’ll eventually mentally withdraw from the relationship. They feel unvalued when you don’t pay attention to what they have to say. Women are primarily mentally and emotionally invested in relationships, which is a little-known fact about them. Physically, it’s merely the cherry on top. You’ve lost him if you lose him psychologically or emotionally.


There is a reason why I believe every relationship should first address what constitutes cheating. Some people don’t consider some things to be drastic, but others do. Fraud destroys relationships and trust. No longer being together is justified. I think you two will be partly okay if you understand what makes you two split up as well as what causes you to cheat. Cheating is unacceptable to me. Both myself and other people don’t want to be wounded by each other.


Anyone who isn’t at least moderately financially secure shouldn’t be in the dating scene. Dating is expensive. Once you’re in a relationship, it costs more. Although dating is expensive, I believe that we frequently hear that “women just want me for my money.” Existence is expensive. Consider yourself if you can’t afford a quality date.

Please Don’t Get Me Wrong

Breakups happen and it’s normal but here are some reasons and warning signs that can tip you off that it’s time to end your relationship. Reasons for breakups are a good way to compare and contrast any relationship that you may be in to help you determine if things might be working or not.

What happened that caused you to end your relationship? Please respond below. Make sure you are sharing and subscribed.

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