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Let’s Talk Body Types

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Let’s get Serious

Because this could be an emotional subject for some people, let me try to say it as gently as I can. As far as fashion is concerned, unfortunately, there are certain designers who create clothing for certain body types. The fashion industry is just like that smh. Consequently, I want to help you distinguish different styles based on your body type, so you can dress your body in the best ways possible.

The Body types

There are five different body types: rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear, and apple.

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If you have this body type, you generally don’t have very many curves. These are usually the bodies of people who have athletic bodies. You will have consistent measurements of bust, hip, and waist. If you want an hourglass shape, you can achieve one by wearing layers. Your’re going to want to wear dark colors around the waist, to shape yourself.Try to avoid crop tops by themselves.

Inverted Triangle

So I don’t really age I was taught that darker colors make things look small. There are a lot of women who wear a lot of black because they are not confident with their curves. If you have this body shape, a lot of dark colored tops and light bottoms will help even you out. Usually people with this body shape have wide shoulders. Their hips and waists are not very prominent. People with these shapes are usually advised to wear flared bottoms or more loose, feminine fabrics. You definitely should not wear a pencil skirt I mean obviously you can if you want passion it’s subjective. But to avoid that Buffalo, try to avoid puffy sleeves.


This is what society engraves in women’s heads starting at the age where they can comprehend body shapes through the lens of society. The hourglass shape is typically what designers design their lines around. Either that or a slim shape. They are proportioned amazingly. Think about Beyoncé…she is the hourglass shape. They have very prominent waists. The hips and the bust of your body are of equal size, and your waist is going to be very slim. People usually attempt to reach this shape in unhealthy ways such as through eating disorders or getting plastic surgery. But there are other ways to give off the illusion of this shape. It’s pretty easy to find a variety of outfits that you can wear. However, there are some things that should be avoidednwhen it comes to certain occasions, because I could come off as very seductive. You should avoid booty shorts and oversized coats. Fitted jeans and pencil skirts usually look amazing on this body type, a lot of baby doll tops and high neck lines usually ship you awkwardly, so try to avoid those.


It is advisable to wear tops that stand out for ladies with the parachute shape. That should be your focus when planning your outfit. You can wear those big bows and those bossy tops that will stand out amongst the crowd. It is recommended that you avoid wearing horizontal stripes on your bottom since this will make you appear wider than you are. Your hips are your prominent feature if you are the size and it you have the bottom part of the hourglass figure.


These body types or those who are rounder in shape. There is no definition of the waist and that they have similar measurements. When you were dressing the shape you should go for a tire that has sharp features. Look for pieces that slim the body especially the midsection. You can still be a baddie with the shape.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to go shopping now that you’ve learned the basics? I want everyone to add the accessory of confidence to their style this year. That starts from within. Anyone can look good!


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