A Guide to Swimsuits

I know I said sometimes I wear clothes but apparently I lied…I’m only packing swimsuits.Kate Upton

Hey guys welcome back to another fashion pose on enjoys journey of perceptions. Everyone seems to love this post and I really love you too just because I am super into fashion. So since we are in the middle or actually we just become summer, I thought I do a post on the different types of swimsuit and how to find the proper going to match your body. I’m all about body positivity so I just wanna help where I can. Before I get started I didn’t want to say like subscribe comment and share this post with someone you know could use the tips. And without further do let’s get started. 

So, I know when many women here at the beginning of a conversation about swimwear a lot of them turn their nose up and discuss. I believe that everyone should get excited when it comes to talking about swimsuits just because you can really sweet personality. So, let’s talk about the first type of swimsuit!

The swimsuit and jeans look is my favorite. It was a big part of my introduction to the world as an artist. It was so cool to see girls wearing swimsuits with their jeans during that time.Ciara

So, the first one is a classic one piece, which is what a lot of women tend to go for just a cover-up certain areas when their body that they are not comfortable with. I occasionally like one piece because I tend to lose either one or the other in my closet and I can never find a swimsuit. But did you know that there are different types of one pieces? This is good information to know just because all you feel comfortable with one please it’s OK to play around with them. So below are a couple of pictures of the different types of one pieces that you can wear.

Photo by Jennifer Enujiugha on Pexels.com

Two Piece:

Three Piece:

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue really sets the social standard for what people expect the perfect woman’s body to look like, and a lot of those bodies usually look the same.Ronda Rousey

So you know me, I love exploring fashion options that are out there.

The second is a two piece and the third is it three piece. Those are self-explanatory swimsuits. Now, they come in different fabric, different textures, and different looks. The thickness of the strap changes the look. You can play around with them while still being covered. And that’s what it looks like. Swimsuits are clothing that’s barely there,we just something or make us feel comfortable.

This chart explains body types, it’s very weird that we have to say this, because you rarely see men discussing bodytype!! We will talk about body type in another post.But you sort of wanna dress for your body type, so you can focus on your best features based off your choice in swimsuit. Obviously, the more fabric, the better! The more you’ll feel covered however, when it’s hot, too much fabric canbe irritating.But then again if you’re on vacation to dinner have a swimsuit that sort of thing which brings in that swimsuit with the skirt.

Photo by Vincent Rivaud on Pexels.com

No matter the shape of your body, I guarantee there’s a perfect swimsuit out there for you that will make me feel so bomb. And let’s be honest the real reason you’re even wearing one is for swimming, not for fashion, but it can be! That’s only the perk of it. So all you have to do is really learn your body type and then from there shop for comfort and something that’s flattering. If you have no curves, I would say try to stay away from Highwaist anything. Including Highwaste just because it’s gonna make you look even more boxey. And if you already have curves, I would try to stray away from tiny bands for on the lower half or push-up tops. It’s simple fact that it’s gonna make you look even wider. and I don’t think you would want all that for your body while you’re trying to enjoy a nice day of swimming. The patterns play a big role too. I learned at a early age that horizontal stripes make you look more wide and vertical stripes make you look more tall. Black makes you look thinner and bright colors are going to add a little bit of weight to your look. So you wanna play with colors and patterns as well.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Pexels.com

List of the types of Swimsuits

This just a few of the many types out there.



Halter Top 

Board Shorts

Boy Shorts 



Color Block 

Contoured Top 

Control Top 

Cover Up 

Cross-Back One-Piece 

Cutout One-Piece 



Halter Top –

High-Waist Bottom

Key hole


Mitered One-Piece 










Skirted Bottom 

Sport Top

Sweetheart Top 


Wet Suit 

 I hope you play with your wardrobe a little bit and have fun! Don’t be afraid to try things on! Thank you for checking out this post! Be sure to check out about my other post, like, subscribe, and share my loves! Until I post again!

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  1. Great post! I’m always super nervous at wearing anything other than a one-piece suit because of my (very) rounded “mum” shape. I thank my two boys for that, ha ha. I have been a little more venturous recently though, and I’ve moved on to a two-piece “tankini”.

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