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Living in the Moment


Hey loves and Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. I am going to be writing a post today about the book I am going to read this month. The new year has just begun, and there is still a lot to be learned. I will read books that will help me with just that to contribute to my growth. The following is merely the first chapter of what I gleaned from this book. I will link the book below so you can check it out yourself and let’s get started!

The Power of Now


For the author’s point to be made, he should have stopped at the first few sentences of this chapter. It is our greatest power when we are present and still, which is what we will be learning in this book. If that makes sense. I know that my problem with life is that I have been living in fear and worrying about what the future holds. To reach where I want to end up, I’m always worried about whether I’m making enough and moving in the right direction. And then they’ll be times I look back and I’m like, but I really enjoying my success at that moment? It is for this reason that I am reading this book since I need to learn how to be present.



Learn to pronounceSee definitions in: AllBuddhismEarly Modern Historynoun

  1. 1. the action of enlightening or the state of being enlightened.

The author likes to point out that a lot of the time when someone declares themselves to be educated, they are usually being egotistical. One of the things I liked most about this chapter was its focus on freedom. A lot of us need to be free from our thoughts. Overanalyzing everything is my toxic trait. I always go to a dark place, just because of past experiences. Therefore, one of my goals this year is to free myself from my mind, about which the author does speak. Your mind will play games with you and ruin opportunities and situations that you’ve always wanted.

Are you an over thinking?

Keep in mind, Most of the time, your thoughts make things worse than they are. Looking forward to more gems? Be sure to Like, comment, share, and subscribe.

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