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I am vulnerable I am really enjoying the fact that people are loving me being vulnerable. It’s very hard for me but I appreciate people being able to see themselves in my art. Free verse by AnonBecause I could not generate for Waves,they did kindly generate it for me.I don’t like the fact that they,learned … Read moreVulnerability

My Thoughts on the book “Break Your Glass Slippers” by Amanda Lovelace

My thoughts on the book “break your glass slippers” by Amanda Lovelace Let me start by saying that this book is not for everyone. I mean, you have to be a feminist to even pick it up in the first place. But once you have it in your hands, and get past the fact that … Read moreMy Thoughts on the book “Break Your Glass Slippers” by Amanda Lovelace

5 Self-Help Must-Reads

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Self Help books to Read There’s a lot of great self-help out there, but if you’re looking for something that will really help you grow and change as an individual, I’ve got five books for you. These are my favorite reads about personal development, spirituality, and mentorship. They’re all deeply inspiring and have helped me … Read more5 Self-Help Must-Reads

Lessons For the College Girl

It’s here now! This series’ first installment is now available on Amazon. I cannot wait to impart to you what I have discovered that will aid you in navigating this new phase of school. I’m sure those of you who have already completed college can attest to some of these lessons that you had to … Read moreLessons For the College Girl

My Seasonal Bucket List: Spring Edition

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It’s always fun to make a wish list of things you might or might not get for yourself. To get inspiration for my life, I enjoy getting ideas of things I can use in my everyday life. With spring coming up and getting ready for the warmer months, I wanted to make a list of … Read moreMy Seasonal Bucket List: Spring Edition

Living in the Moment

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BEING IS NOT ONLY BEYOND BUT ALSO DEEP WITHIN Hey loves and Welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception. I am going to be writing a post today about the book I am going to read this month. The new year has just begun, and there is still a lot to be learned. I will read books that will … Read moreLiving in the Moment

Monthly Amazon Favorites

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Can’t do enough online shopping! No pesky sales people and it’s so much fun to get presents delivered to my door.Samantha Trenk, Sr. Public Relations Director With the holidays coming up, it is time to start prepping your lists and checking them twice. I am always on Amazon. You find so many new things and … Read moreMonthly Amazon Favorites

My Amazon Favorites

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“There is no shame in emotional shopping.” Hey loves welcome back to Joi’s Journey of Perception! Today I want to share a few of my favorite items that I got from Amazon. Does anyone have an online shopping problem? It feels like Christmas is every day. I know retail therapy is not a healthy thing, … Read moreMy Amazon Favorites

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