What is Serial Monogomous?

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Let me tell you, I have a topic for you all today. Although this is not a legal term, it is indeed used in the social media world. Have you ever met someone who has never been single and refuses to be? Have you ever seen them enjoy themselves alone? Someone who has trouble being in their own company and they’re just not content without having some sort of energy there. In this post, I wanted to delve deeper into this topic and look at why it’s called serial monogamists.

The definition is:

se·ri·al mo·nog·a·my

Learn to pronounce noun

  1. the practice of engaging in a succession of monogamous sexual relationships.

This is not surprising since my generation has been experiencing a lot of it. Nowadays, there is an inordinate amount of romanticization of relationships. I was reading an article and it was telling me how people usually have to be in relationships have deep-seated emotional issues that they need to heal. People tend to bring past relationship baggage into new relationships without thinking about it.

Why it’s a Problem?

It’s not neccessailry always bad, however, sometimes people are too quick for their own good. They end a relationship with John and are in a relationship with Bryce the next week. A lot of people who do this tend to fall in the “codependent” category. And being codependetnt is not good.

How to not be Codependent


Every problem in life can be solved by self-awareness. You’ve already made the first step towards recovery when you realize that you are codependent and your life revolves around a person.


Identify the patterns in your life that lead to you being codependent on a person as a second step. Researching your relationship with that person is the third step. In other words, find relationships without codependency. Having a relationship does not mean that you cannot be independent. Consider reading books about successful relationships as well as fine representations of healthy relationships


Finally, when you are in a relationship you need to acknowledge your own boundaries as well as others’. You can do something while they are spending time with themselves in the meantime if they like to spend time with themselves.. Establish boundaries that will allow them to do that.


What I want you to gain from this post is that being in a relationship is OK. But also being single is fine. If you are jumping from relationship to relationship because you don’t feel content with who you are as a person or the only way you feel validated is why being with someone then that is an issue. So take a deep look within and ask yourself why do you want to be in a relationship? The purpose of this is not to hurt anyone, it is to help us all grow. If you like this post I will be having more like it, as well as the previous posts before. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. See you in the next post


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