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The Truth About Serial Monogamist

The serial daters/monogamists are tiring you out, aren’t they? People who enjoy the idea of a person, or even better, a relationship with specific people. Have you ever encountered someone who has a web of ties that are so intertwined that you can’t tell where one relationship ends and another begins? The person on the other side of any serial monogamist I’ve ever encountered did not enjoy the relationship totally. I’ve noticed that many people classify themselves as cereal monogamous without realizing that there’s a deeper issue with why they can’t be alone.

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So What’s Up
There are so many red flags to watch out for but I want to talk about a flag that isn’t quite crimson, but more blush…It’s usually the self-proclaimed nice people who are the worst. These are serial monogamists.

In this article, I would give sight on how these people prey on others who long for a great person. I wanna ask you a question. What do you call someone who jumps from one relationship to another relationship frequently? That is a serial monogamist. For those of you who are new or don’t spend as much time on social media, this may be a term that is new to you. So let me update you on what exactly a serial monogamist is.

Serial monogamists are a problem for a lot of people, and for a lot of good reasons. This article explains why serial monogamy is so very problematic.

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How Social media pertains to serial monogamy

According to social media, In committed relationships, a serial monogamist feels most at ease. They have a string of committed partnerships and don’t take time off to be single or casually date between them. Continually bringing their prior pain and baggage into new relationships is selfish and can cause harm to others. While there are certain advantages to being serial monogamous, such as being loyal to one’s partner, there are also some disadvantages. They may not have fully recovered from the trauma of their previous relationship and will use it against you

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Why it’s Important

Well, whether it’s been you or someone you’ve dated. You’ve known someone who longs for a connection to a certain extent. If Things get a little too serious with someone they back out and run away. They could move on to another relationship to get that high from what we called the honeymoon stage. Here is where issues come into play. I’m not saying that you were the one that caused A relationship to end. But I always believe that you should heal or give yourself some time after the relationship in order to process what went on throughout it and why it ended. Instead of going on a journey of serial monogamy.

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Because if you don’t you are carrying so much baggage into the next one. Maybe even causing trauma to the next person that you get with. There are so many people who believe that you have to overlap relationships because relationships don’t last these days. I think it’s very sad to look at it that way. Because if you are building a relationship with a solid beginning, you shouldn’t be so worried about it ending quickly. You should have a strong foundation, to begin with.

Being a serial monogamist has varying degrees of difficulty. From being the person who does not want to be in a relationship to the person who appreciates being in one because of the highs.
Let me let you in on a little secret: serial monogamists are often afraid of being alone. They don’t want to be in their own company. Even if you and he both decided he wanted something different, our relationship ended on a positive note. The termination of a relationship is a death in my eyes. What do we do when a loved one passes away? We bemoan.

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Many people use relationships as a crutch to avoid discovering who they are as individuals. Going into a relationship as half of a person is impossible. To build a good basis for a relationship, you should be a whole person meeting another entire person. Monogamous cereal Nine times out of ten, they aren’t complete. In order to feel loved, they are continuously on the lookout for a parentheses idol partner. They believe that being single is monotonous and lonely.

Many People Know about serial monogamist

Don’t be one of the naysayers on either end of the spectrum. Whether it’s because you enjoy dating but find a commitment to be a drag, you nevertheless dangle commitment over someone’s head. In order to continue to gain from it. Or perhaps you’re the type who rushes from relationship to relationship, professing to be in love even though you haven’t given yourself time to heal. You’re desperate for monogamy. Whenever those people end a relationship, they are befuddled and unsure of what to do next in life.

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Rather than picking up a hobby or finding something they enjoy doing. In order to feel something, they move on to the next relationship. This isn’t good for you, and it’s not fair to the next person. Take some time and enjoy yourself. Remember you are the person to fill your void. You don’t need to focus on monogamy. You come into this world alone and leave the same way. The journey in between? Well, you’ll meet the right person at the right time.

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