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Are they in your Business or in Your Corner?

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The other day I was watching a talk show and one of the guests brought up a good topic that I think everyone should consider closely. One-sided friendships are an important concept in our society today. I know, I know I have talked about this several times.

There’s a point that needs to be made.  As you can tell by the title of the topic at hand is are they in your business or in your corner? We all have those friends who have made us question whether the friendship is worthwhile. Have you ever looked deeper at it and decided if they are really and truly your friend? 

It’s an age-old question. Is your friend really your friend or are they in your corner? You should always be thinking of them as a friend.

The speaker referred to the person who asks constantly about your life and situation, but never tells you anything about theirs. I have had a friendship like that and it always made me wonder was it truly a friendship or were they getting collateral, in case they needed to use it against me. In life, I am interested in hearing about what you love and what you dream about, not one-sided conversation.

It just feels weird when you unload on them and they don’t feel comfortable unloading with you. I understand there are people who are genuinely private and are only concerned about themselves, but there are still those people as well.

Think about it

Are we actually friends? Or have we yet to establish trust? Your cup is already full, so why are you drinking all of my tea? The most important thing, I suppose, is to be able to trust your judgment and intuition. Many individuals will only follow you or hang around you if they want to learn about your business.

Additionally, I was repeatedly persuaded to believe that someone was actually my friend. I was failing or when things went wrong, they were just being curious and watching. I have no problem disclosing my business. That is how friendships and trust are developed, albeit I would hope that it would be mutual.

A friend can be a true friend or just a person you are close to. Caring about you, they are there for you when you are down.

I Want to Know

Have you ever had pals that afterwards revealed they weren’t really your buddies? What strategy did you employ to handle that circumstance? Comment below and let me know.

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