My Thoughts on Dating Apps

Hey there, sweethearts!

I’ve learned that dating apps are a dangerous slippery slope. A few individuals have achieved success.

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What’s the sitch?

“Online dating is efficient. We’re fast food society and now you have a pull of eligible people to choose from. “-Gail Barksy

Although that quote wasn’t inaccurate, I don’t believe it is worthwhile. Dating applications have recently been compared to food apps in the media. Just “swipe because you’re bored, ” it says. While I won’t claim that everyone does it, the most of them do. People seem to have lost any feeling for the circumstance. People believe that there is always better.

What’s up with that?

I’ve been around a group of males using a dating app, and some of the things they say are directed at women. Essentially, they appeared to be on the Carmax website. Swiping right on every “beautiful colt girl” and breadcrumbing until they find what they believe to be better, people shop for specific characteristics. They are never content. They consistently believe that the opposite side of the fence is greener. sometimes they simply enjoy the honeymoon stage’s thrill. People are therefore seeking someone who would satisfy them.

Breadcrumbing is the act of sending out flirtatious, but non-committal social signals (i.e. “breadcrumbs”) in order to lure a romantic partner in without expending much effort. In other words, it’s leading someone on.

Do you use dating apps? Which ones do you like the best? Here’s my experience with the most popular apps.

I’ve only used a few dating apps, but based on my experience, I can say that each one will be different. When I used Tinder, it was really simply a hookup app. All the males assumed it was someone who could get laid quickly before they continued with their daily activities. The profiles on that app are pretty funny if you want some humor in your life, but other than that, don’t hold out much hope for meeting the one.

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Hinge, had more options, but they were cunning in their plans. Therefore, you had to separate the good people from the bad. Many of them merely used the app to gauge their popularity by how many users swiped right on them. It was incredibly depressing. because none of them was able to engage in meaningful discourse.

Frankly I wish I could experience dating the old way, where there was courting and that people actually took the time and effort in getting to know somebody. Now it just seems like a lazy experience and there’s nothing to look forward to. Everything that such easy access that people feel that you are replaceable without not even having any knowledge on you.

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