5 Reasons Why Childhood Trauma is Common?

Hey Loves, Let’s get real today.

This is going to be an uncomfortable topic for most including myself, but it’s time. Talking about your childhood can be uncomfortable for many people. The trauma of their childhood may have contributed to their mental well-being. That seems to hunt them to this day. Well, I am here to talk about this thing we called trauma.

I wanted to give a few reasons what I think that chocolate trauma is common. Because they’re just my opinion based off of how I perceive things throughout life. Especially throughout my life. So if you agree with these be sure to let me know in the comments and if he disagree you can do so as well.

Too Many People Are Living a Lie

Too many people, in my opinion, are not living their true selves. They are too busy trying to prove that they are good and that they deserve love. We were all raised to be a certain type away. To have certain values and morals and outlook life. So you can’t really be yourself when you’re trying to prove to someone else that you are worthy. This is where I feel that child trauma starts. Because you’re living your life for someone else rather than yourself. I know it may seem a bit childish but the recent movie called “turning red“, is a great example of this. So if you have not see it, be sure to check it out on Disney+.

People are trying to Run from their Trauma

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